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Rearrange the following words to make sentences (Section 3&4)




Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) the is success failure pillar of (a) Failure is the pillar of success.
(b) are by younger to you me two years (b) You are younger to me by two years.
(c) place smoking in avoided public s should be (c) Smoking in public places should be avoided.
(d) the run boy was over a bus by (d) The boy was run over by a bus.
(e) truth should spoken unpleasant not be (e) Unpleasant truth should not be spoken.
(f) independence achieved we through 1971 a battle in (f) We achieved independence through a battle in 1971.
(g) female need is a crying education (g) Female education is a crying need.
(h) all give we up our frustration should and laziness (h) We all should give up our frustration and laziness.
(i) we success that industry know is the to key (i) We know that industry is the key to success.
(j) nation no can without prosper industry (j) No nation can prosper without industry.


Rearrange the following words: Answers:
7. (a) environment our is polluted day being by day (a) Our environment is being polluted day by day.
(b) smoking hazards serious causes health (b) Smoking causes serious health hazards.
(c) is the city in most Dhaka crowded Bangladesh (c) Dhaka is the most crowded city in Bangladesh.
(d) the Palashi took battle of in 1757 place (d) The battle of Palashi took place in 1757.
(e) he home mother to went see his (e) He went home to see his mother.
(f) mother every loves child her (f) Every mother loves her child.
(g) is English not to difficult understand (g) English is not difficult to understand.
(h) must we show to the respect martyrs country of our (h) We must show respect to the martyrs of our country.
(i) Bangla Baishakh the is first of month calendar (i) Baishakh is the first month of Bangla calendar.
(j) proud we our are of tongue mother (j) We are proud of our mother tongue.