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Rearrange the following words to make sentences (Section 1&2)




Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) towns a problem is in all traffic jam (a) Traffic jam is a problem in all towns.
(b)1971 became it in independent (b) It became independent in 1971.
(c) intends abroad he to go (c) He intends to go abroad.
(d) martyrs are they called (d) They are called martyrs.
(e) letter receive your to very am I glad (e) I am very glad to receive your letter.
(f) hard success for should work you (f) You should work hard for success.
(g) a big score of making he is capable (g) He is capable of making a big score.
(h) sin tell to great lie is a a (h) To tell a lie is a great sin.
(i) last he arrived evening (i) He arrived last evening.
(j) his eyesight man lost the (j) The man lost his eyesight.


Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) girl the went dancing away (a) The girl went away dancing.
(b) in an we live age science of (b) We live in an age of science.
(c) come here until stay I (c) Stay here until I come.
(d) insisted going on my to he Sylhet (d) He insisted on my going to Sylhet.
(e) climate our of country the is hot (e) The climate of our country is hot.
(f) enrich of knowledge our books domain (f) Books enrich our domain of knowledge.
(g) of the her passers-by one rescued (g) One of the passers-by rescued her.
(h) brought shoes I two pairs of (h) I brought two pairs of shoes.
(i) he wrong gave information me (i) He gave me wrong information.
(j) the are good circumstances not (j) The circumstances are not good.