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Rearrange the following words to make sentences (Section 11&12)



Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) cigarette is smoking a of modern curse times (a) Smoking cigarette is a curse of modern times.
(b) are the sweet adversity uses of (b) Sweet are the uses of adversity.
(c) could leisure be in ways different enjoyed (c) Leisure could be enjoyed in different ways.
(d) know I are who you (d) I know who you are.
(e) just came then a taxi the down slowly road (e) Just then a taxi came down the road slowly.
(f) terrible a car in me front happened accident of (f) A terrible car accident happened in front of me.
(g) he his is for rapid eager promotion (g) He is eager for his rapid promotion.
(h) the of banks the flooded have river over (h) The banks of the river have over flooded.
(i) please troubles friend inform my of my (i) Please inform my friend of my troubles.
(j) works he in a company multi-national (j) He works in a multi-national company.



Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) from save people walks all life joined of the to the country war (a) People from all walks of life joined the war to save the country.
(b) the poor he helped expecting a man without return (b) He helped the poor man without expecting a return.
(c) avoid man must the World Third War (c) Man must avoid the Third World War.
(d) exercise we physical should regular take (d) We should take regular physical exercise.
(e) to health exercise is physical conducive (e) Physical exercise is conducive to health.
(f) he out me and thanked went (f) He thanked me and went out.
(g) nation no can it without achieve struggle (g) No nation can achieve it without struggle.
(h) pen the is sword than mightier the (h) The pen is mightier than the sword.
(i) he not all greedy money is at for (i) He is not at all greedy for money.
(j) man demoralizes frustration a (j) Frustration demoralizes a man.