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Rearrange the following words to make sentences (Section 17&18)



Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) harmful to is very polluted health water (a) Polluted water is very harmful to health.
(b) a he is streets figure common on the (b) He is a common figure on the streets.
(c) large in towns of rickshaw a number are found pullers (c) A large number of rickshaw pullers are found in towns.
(d) he the in detail matter discussed (d) He discussed the matter in detail.
(e) to reading I writing prefer (e) I prefer writing to reading.
(f) a plays an lives important in newspaper role our (f) A newspaper plays an important role in our lives.
(g) glitters is gold not all that (g) All that glitters is not gold.
(h) I mistake not making could help a (h) I could not help making a mistake.
(i) you woman who do know that is (i) Do you know who that woman is?
(j) try harm to anyone don’t (j) Don’t try to harm anyone.



Rearrange the following words:


(a) in are six there seasons country our

(a) There are six seasons in our country.

(b) can corruption lead it to of people the path

(b) It can lead people to the path of corruption.

(c) books excellent reading is an habit

(c) Reading books is an excellent habit.

(d) enjoy we the of science blessings

(d) We enjoy the blessings of science.

(e) the a man birth independence is right of

(e) Independence is the birth right of a man.

(f) you cup mind tea would taking a of

(f) Would you mind taking a cup of tea?

(g) is like an man a beast addicted

(g) An addicted man is like a beast.

(h)is dishonour preferable death to

(h) Death is preferable to dishonour.

(i) we to make have our digital country

(i) We have to make our country digital.

(j) on earth everybody wants to happy be

(j) Everybody on earth wants to be happy.