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Rearrange the following words to make sentences (Section 15&16)



Rearrange the following words:


(a) 1789French the took in Revolution place

(a) The French Revolution took place in 1789.

(b) consists contentment happiness in

(b) Happiness consists in contentment.

(c) plays language a our important very role in life

(c) Language plays a very important role in our life.

(d) to we obey teachers ought our

(d) We ought to obey our teachers.

(e) environment of the important water is an element

(e) Water is an important element of the environment.

(f) me hangs upon time heavy

(f) Time hangs heavy upon me.

(g) should away our not we waste time

(g) We should not waste away our time.

(h) it time we bad is high our habits changed

(h) It is high time we changed our bad habits.

(i) and tide for none time wait

(i) Time and tide wait for none.

(j) power absolutely absolute corrupts

(j) Absolute power corrupts absolutely.



Rearrange the following words:


(a) delayed denied justice justice

(a) Justice delayed, justice denied.

(b) let no unturned stone to get he a job

(b) He let no stone unturned to get a job.

(c) reached I station after the had left the train

(c) I reached the station after the train had left.

(d) year floods every visit country and our cause miseries untold

(d) Every year floods visit our country and cause untold miseries.

(e) man is to error liable every

(e) Every man is liable to error.

(f) is winter quiet it in

(f) It is quiet in winter.

(g) is the it birth of Shakespeare place

(g) It is the birth place of Shakespeare.

(h) it of tourists usually is full

(h) Usually it is full of tourists.

(i) come to birthplace great visit the of the dramatist people

(i) People come to visit the birthplace of the great dramatist.

(j) unfair means examination is adopting in the bad

(j) Adopting unfair means in the examination is bad.