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Rearrange the following words to make sentences (Section 19&20)



Rearrange the following words:


(a) flowers spring bloom in many the

(a) Many flowers bloom in the spring.

(b) Rajshahi famous for what is

(b) What is Rajshahi famous for?

(c) is none me to there help

(c) There is none to help me.

(d) going he on my there insisted

(d) He insisted on my going there.

(e) he no has pen write to with

(e) He has no pen to write with.

(f) in Bangladesh the of Asia south is east

(f) Bangladesh is in the south east of Asia.

(g) he industrious and his life frugal was in

(g) He was industrious and frugal in his life.

(h) is essential for water beings all living

(h) Water is essential for all living beings.

(i) son apple Luke their was the eyes of their

(i) Their son, Luke was the apple of their eyes.

(j) it a to comfort them was great

(j) It was a great comfort to them.



Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) spiral price of the great is a problem day (a) Price spiral is a great problem of the day.
(b) are many there of price causes hike (b) There are many causes of price hike.
(c) businessmen of goods dishonest artificial create crisis (c) Dishonest businessmen create artificial crisis of goods.
(d) blows rainy wind from south the during season (d) Wind blows from the south during rainy season.
(e) price lowers of living spiral standard the (e) Price spiral lowers the standard of living.
(f) is a rivers Bangladesh land of (f) Bangladesh is a land of rivers.
(g) help many rivers us in ways (g) Rivers help us in many ways.
(h) carry they silt and our land make fertile (h) They carry silt and make our land fertile.
(i) they fish also are a source good of (i) They are also a good source of fish.
(j) play they a great in agriculture our role (j) They play a great role in our agriculture.