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Paragraph on 'Traffic Jam'

 Traffic Jam

Traffic jam means the jam created by vehicles on roads and streets. It is a very common problem in our country, especially in Dhaka city. It is increasing day by day. It is seen mainly in the morning and in the afternoon period on working days. It creates great sufferings to the people. Vehicles come to a standstill. They cannot move. Passengers have to wait helplessly in their buses and cars. Students cannot go to schools and colleges in time. Officers cannot go to offices in time. Traffic jam kills their valuable time. Patients cannot go to hospitals and clinics. It hampers their physical condition. It is also very harmful for our economy because it spoils our working hours. It is responsible for the unnecessary burning of fuel and the pollution of environment.  There are different reasons behind traffic jam. Firstly, roads and streets in our country are very narrow. They are insufficient for increasing number of vehicles. Secondly, most of the drivers are illiterate. They do not respect traffic rules. Thirdly, people are not willing to follow traffic rules. In order to get rid of traffic jam people should be conscious.  More and more wide roads should be constructed. Drivers should be trained and encouraged to respect traffic rules.