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Paragraph on 'Dowry System'

Dowry System

Dowry means the money or property demanded by a husband from his in-laws at the time of marriage. It is a great social problem in our country. It is a huge burden for some girls and their parents. The husbands who take dowry are not male at all. They are cowards. They can do everything for getting dowry. Sometimes they create pressure on their wives to bring dowry from their guardians at any cost. If they fail to do so, their husbands torture them both physically and mentally. The wives have to tolerate the tortures silently. But sometimes these tortures become intolerable to them. They have to commit suicide in order to get rid of the tortures. Many reasons are responsible for the presence of dowry system in the society. Illiteracy of people, helplessness of women, gender discrimination etc are some of the causes. For removing dowry system from the society people should be properly educated. Special attention should be given on female education. More and more employment opportunities should be created for women so that they can be self-dependent. Male members of the society should change their outlook towards women. They should learn to respect women as human beings.