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Paragraph on 'Eve teasing'

 Eve teasing

Eve refers to ‘Hawa’, the first woman of the universe. Teasing means causing disturbance to somebody. So, eve-teasing means causing physical or mental disturbance to women. Eve teasing is a great problem in our country. It has become a social disease. The persons who do such evil things are known as eve-teasers. They are found everywhere both in villages and towns. They are found in schools and colleges, buses and trains, markets and offices. Women of all ages are victims of eve-teasing. Young girls having beautiful faces are the worst victims of eve-teasing. They cannot go to schools and colleges. They cannot move freely in the market. Sometimes female passengers are teased by bus drivers and helpers. Sometimes female workers are teased by their bosses in office. Parents of such girls become very afraid. They do not let their daughters go outside. So, the education of these girls comes to an end. They are married off early. Sometimes the victims become helpless and commit suicide. So, eve-teasing has very bad effect on girls. Government has taken some steps to control eve-teasing. Moral education is a must to change our outlook towards women. Eve-teasers need to understand that women are not consumer products. They are human beings having sense of honour and dignity.