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Paragraph on 'A Hartal Day'

 A Hartal Day

A hartal day is generally a symbol of non-violent protest. Everything remains closed on a hartal day. It is a part of democracy. Generally the people who are deprived of their rightful demands call hartal on a particular day. It is called for creating pressure on the government to accept their demand. But in Bangladesh the nature and function of hartal are totally different. It is neither democratic nor gentle in nature. It is violent enough to terrify the mass people. Picketers take the possession of roads and highways. They throw cocktails on passers-by and petrol-bombs at running vehicles. The more people die, the more successful is a hartal day. They set mills and factories on fire. They cut down thousands of trees for hindering the movement of vehicles. Nowadays, it has become very frequent. Recently we have experienced a lot of it. Hartal may be called on both political and non-political issues. On a hartal day people are normally forced to stay at home and pass their time watching satellite channels. But the service holders have to take the risk of going out to attend their offices. Though hartal is very harmful for our life and property, it is the most effective method democracy has ever produced.