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Paragraph on 'A Book Fair'

 A Book Fair

A book fair is a place where books of various kinds are brought for sale and display. It is a very popular fair. In fact, a book fair is considered to be an occasion of great festivity to the book-lovers. It is usually held in the winter season on an open place in most of the major cities of the country. The aim of a book fair is not only to sale but also to display books on different subjects. It is organized by various institutions on various occasions specifically on Martyrs Day, on Victory Day, on Independence Day etc. The leading publishers of the country set up stalls of their recent publications as well as old ones. Various kinds of novels, short stories, poetical works and science fictions are mainly available in a book fair. A festive look prevails all around. The renowned artists, poets and intellectuals gather there and take part in the seminars and cultural programmes. Last year, I paid a visit to the Ekushey Boimela. It is the most popular book fair which is regularly held in the premises of Bangle Academy every year. A book fair can play an important role in developing the habit of reading books among the people. It is a device to spread culture, education and knowledge. It changes our outlook on life and widens our domain of learning. So, we all should visit book fairs whenever we can.