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Write Introduce Yourself for viva voce in a click

Introduce yourself

Introducing ourselves is quite silly and confusing matter because the interviewers know everything about us through our cv or resume. In this case, we fall in dilemma what to add in our conversation or what to not. First of all we will find the answers of important questions and solve our problems accordingly.

Introduce Yourself

Personal Details: Academic Information:

Time Maintenance.

You will not get all day long because other candidates are waiting in lines. You must maintain your time without dropping quality of your conversation. Don't waste too much time introducing yourself. Just present yourself in short but very smartly. It will help you prove that you are sincere and fit for the job.  

Should we avoid our academic background?

Nothing is compulsory. You may avoid your academic background in your description because everything has been submitted through CV. But it will brush up your conversation. It will show your sincerity, if you describe your academic background in a short and smart sentence.   

Should we mention our address?

If you don't mention it nothing will happen actually. But this is the way you may beautify your conversation. If you have enough information about your achievement then avoid your address. Or form a standard sentence to beautify your conversation.  

Should we mention our extra curriculums only?

Of course, this is your main point to show before your examiners. If your achievement is not relevant to the job your are going to take, just describe technically. Example,
  • I've learn how to control other employees from xxxxx course. 
  • I've learn how to handle tough situations from (....).
  • I've learn to be flexible with my boss from (....).
  • I've learn turning one idea to the another from (....). etc.
Just relate your existing capacity with job your are going to take.

Should we mention our hobby or favorite things?

Yes, you should do that because your hobbies shows your personality and your sincerity. Try to describe the hobby that present your capacity and point to note.

How should we speak?

You may follow some tricks to speak nicely:
  • Don't be panic. 
  • Make smile face but naturally. 
  • If you feel worry in viva board then practice to be normal. 
  • Don't be too much friendly with your examiners. Maintain your position.