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'Tom Jones' by Henry Fielding; Brief-answer Questions

 Tom Jones

by Henry Fielding

1. What is the subject matter of the novel “Tom Jones”? [NU 2016]

Ans: The subject matter of the novel “Tom Jones” is human nature and real life.

2. Who was Mr. Allworthy?

Ans: Mr. Allworthy was a widower living with his unmarried sister Bridget on a fine estate called Paradise Hall in Somerset, in southwestern England.

3. What was the name of Allworthy's sister?

Ans: The name of Allworthy's sister was Miss Bridget Allworthy. 

4. What did Allworthy do for the baby sleeping in his bed?

Ans: Allworthy ordered an elderly woman servant, Deborah Wilkins, of his house to pick up the sleeping baby and look after it with the greatest care.

5. Whom did Miss Bridget marry? [NU 2017]

Ans: Miss Bridget married Captain Blifil. 

6. When did Miss Bridget Allworthy give birth to her son?

Ans: Miss Bridget Allworthy gave birth to her son after eight months of her marriage with Captain Blifil.

7. Who was supposed to be Tom Jone's mother? [NU 2017]

Ans: Jenny Jones was supposed to be Tom Jone's mother.

8. Who was Janny Jones?

Ans: Janny Jones was a servant working in the house of Mrs. Allworthy.  

9. Why was Jenny Jones dismissed from his service?

Ans: Being a deeply suspicious and jealous woman, Mrs. Partridge thought that Jenny and Mr. Partridge must have a secret affair. When Jenny Jones was believed to be Tom Jones’ mother, she was dismissed from Mr. Partridge’s service.

10. Who is Mr Partridge?

Ans: Mr. Partridge is the unfortunate schoolmaster who is falsely accused by his wife of fathering the child called Tom Jones.  

11. Why did Mrs Partridge attack her husband?

Ans: Mrs Partridge attacked her husband because she suspected that he was the father of Tom Jones, the bastard by Jenny Jones.

12. How did all the plots against Tom Jones come to an end?

Ans: All the plots against Tom Jones came to an end by the sudden death of captain Blifil from apoplexy.

13. Who were the two tutors of Tom and Bilfil?

Ans: The two tutors of Tom and Bilfil were Thwackum and Thomas Square.

14. Why did Mr. Allworthy punish Tom by whipping?

Ans: Mr. Allworthy punished Tom by whipping because of the guilt of shooting a partridge in the manor of Mr. Western.

15. Who is Black George?

Ans: Black George is a gamekeeper friend of Tom and also the father of Molly Seagrim.

16. Why did Tom attack Master Blifil? [NU 2016]

Ans: Tom attacked Master Blifil for calling him a beggarly bastard.

17. How did Tom help Black George in the long run?

Ans: Tom helped Black George in the long run by selling his own horse.

18. Who was Molly Seagrim?

Ans: Molly Seagrim was Tom’s first love. She is the daughter of Black George the gamekeeper.

19. Why was Molly sentenced to prison by Allworthy?

Ans: Molly was sentenced to prison by Allworthy because she gave birth to an illegal child. 

20. How was Molly saved from imprisonment?

Ans: Molly was saved from imprisonment because Tom Jones fell on the feet of Mr. Allworthy and confessed his guilt of being the illegal father of the child of Molly.  

21. Where did Bifil’s mother Mrs. Bridget Blifil die?

Ans: Bill's mother Mrs. Bridget Blifil dies at Salisbury.

22. How did Tom meet Molly in the field?

Ans: Tom met Molly in the field coincidentally. When Tom went to the field after quarreling with Blifil, Molly happened to reach there accidentally.

23. How was Tom fatally injured in the field?

Ans: Tom was fatally injured in the field as a result of his fight with Bilfil.

24. Who is Sophia? [NU 2016]

Ans: Sophia, the daughter of the violent Squire, is the beautiful, generous heroine of Tom Jones.

25. How did Squire Western come to know that Sophia was in love with Tom?

Ans: Squire Western came to know from Miss Western, his unmarried sister, that Sophia was in love with Tom.  

26. Who got the pounds that Tom lost near the brook?

Ans: Black George got the pounds that Tom lost near the brook. 

27. Why did Tom set out for Bristol?

Ans: Tom set out for Bristol to go on a sea voyage.

28. Why did Tom buy a sword?

Ans: Tom bought a sword to fight Northerton and take revenge on him.

29. What advice did the lieutenant give to Tom?

Ans: The lieutenant advised Tom to have patience. 

30. What is the actual identity of barber Benjamin?

Ans: Barber Benjamin is actually Mr. Partridge, the supposed father of Tom Jones.. 

31. What did Benjamin propose to Tom?

Ans: Benjamin proposed to Tom to take him to Tom’s adventure as a companion.

32. How did Tom save the woman from the hand of Northerton?

Ans: Tom saved the woman from the hand of Northerton by grabbing a stick and starting beating him and then binding his hands up with his own garter.

33. What was the name of the woman Tom rescued from Northerton?

Ans: The name of the woman Tom rescued from Northerton was Mrs. Waters. 

34. What was the name of the Irish gentleman who attacked Tom?

Ans: The name of the Irish gentleman who attacked Tom is Mr. Fitzpatrick.

35. How did Sophia arrive at the Inn?

Ans: Sophia arrived at the Inn incidentally while she was in search of Tom.  

36. What did Tom do after the Squire had left the inn?

Ans: After the Squire had left the inn, Tom along with Partridge immediately left the inn and started searching for Sophia.  

37. Where did Sophia stay in the city of London?

Ans: Sophia stayed in the house of Lady Bellaston in the city of London.

38. What happened on the way to Coventry?

Ans: Tom and Partridge lost the way to Coventry and met a group of gypsies who entertained them warmly.   

39. How did Tom tackle the highwayman?

Ans: Tom tackled the highwayman by snatching the pistol from him in a struggle that made the robber to fall on his back.

40. How did Tom come to the house of Mrs. Fitzpatrick?

Ans: Tom by chance came to the house of Mrs. Fitzpatrick while he was in search of Sophia in London.  

41. How did Tom happen to meet Sophia by a chance?

Ans: Tom happened to meet Sophia by a chance when he was attending an invitation at Lady Bellaston’s house.

42. Who is Nightingale?

Ans: Nightingale is a foppish city gentleman who possesses the laudable traits of loyalty and compassion although not always in affairs of love.

43. Who is Nancy?

Ans: Nancy Miller is Mrs. Miller’s daughter who later becomes Nightingale's wife.

44. What is the relationship between Mr. Nightingale and Nancy?

Ans: Mr. Nightingale and Nancy are the husband and the wife respectively. 

45. What did Tom do to help Nancy and her family?

Ans: Tom helped Nancy and her family by negotiating Nancy’s marriage with Nightingale. 

46. What was lady Ballastone's plan against Sophia?

Ans: Lady Bellastone's plan against Sophia was to bring Sophia and Fellamar in a room of her house where Fellamar would propose Sophia. If she refused him she would be ravished by him and then finding no way she would accept him.  

47. Who was Lord Fellamar?

Ans: Lord Fellamar was Sophia’s suitor who, though he had a conscience, easily allowed himself to be manipulated by Lady Bellaston.

48. How does Nightingale suggest that Tom rid himself of Lady Bellaston?

Ans: Nightingale suggests that Tom rid himself of Lady Bellaston by proposing marriage to her.

49. Why was Tom in prison in London?

Ans: Tom was in prison in London on the charge of an attempt to murder Mr. Fitzpartick.

50. Why was Mrs. Western annoyed with Sophia?

Ans: Mrs. Western was annoyed with Sophia because she refused the proposal of Lord Fellamar. 

51. Who was the actual father of Tom according to the statement of Mrs. Waters?

Ans: According to the statement of Mrs. Waters, Summer is the actual father of Tom.

52. How were Tom and Sophia reconciled in the long run?

Ans: Tom and Sophia were reconciled in the long run after Tom had confessed all his faults and follies to Sophia and had begged her pardon.