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'Oroonoko' by Aphra Ben; Brief-answer Questions


Aphra Ben

Section One--Life in Surinam

1. Who is considered to be the first professional women writer in English?

Ans: Aphra Behn is considered to be the first professional woman writer in English.

2. Who was Aphra Behn?

Ans: Aphra Behn was an English dramatist, fiction writer, and poet who was the first Englishwoman known to earn her living by writing. 

3. Which literary age did Aphra Behn belong to?

Ans: Aphra Behn belonged to the Restoration period.

4. What was the name of the plantation that the narrator used to live?

Ans: The name of the plantation that the narrator used to live was Parham Plantation.

5. When was Aphra Behn in Surinam?

Ans: Aphra Behn was in Surinam during 1663 – 64.

6. What is Oroonoko?

Ans: Oroonoko is a short anti-colonial novel written by English author Aphra Behn. 

7. What kind of book is "Oroonoko"? [NU 2016] 

Ans: Oroonoko is an anti-colonial and anti-slavery novel in which Aphra Behn sets an example to write in a new field and to fight against strongly built unjust politico-socio-economic institution.

9. Whom the novel Oroonoko is dedicated to?

Ans: The novel Oroonoko is dedicated to Lord Maitland. 

10. Who dramatized Oroonoko?

Ans: Thomas Southern dramatized Oroonoko.

11. Why is Oroonoko famous for?

Ans: Oroonoko is famous for its portrayal of the horrors of slavery.

12. What is the setting of the novel "Oroonoko"? [NU 2014]

Ans: The setting of the novel "Oroonoko" is Surinam.

13. What is the theme of the book Oroonoko?

Ans: The main theme of the book Oroonoko is anti-colonialism.

14. Who is Oroonoko?

Ans: Oroonoko is the African prince who turned into a slave in the short novel, “Oroonoko” by Aphra Behn.

15. What was the slave name of “Oroonoko”?

Ans: The slave name of “Oroonoko” is “Caesar”.

16. Who is Caesar?

Ans: Caesar is the slave name of Oroonoko in Surinam.

17. Who brings Oroonoko to Surinam?

Ans: A British slave trading company captures Oroonoko and brings him to Surinam.

18. Who is Imoinda?

Ans: Imoinda is an African beauty whom Oroonoko loves and tries to rescue from his grandfather’s otan.

19. What is the nationality of Imoinda whom Oroonoko loves? [NU 2012] 

Ans: Imoinda whom Oroonoko loves is a Coramantien. 

20. What name was given to Imoinda in Surinam?

Ans: In Surinam, Imoinda was given the name Clemene.

21. Who is Clemene?

Ans: Clemene is the slave name of Imoinda in Surinam.

22. Who is Aboan?

Ans: Aboan is Oroonoko’s true friend who helps him to meet Imoinda.

23. Who is Byam?

Ans: Byam is the deputy governor of Surinam.

24. Is Byam in 'Oroonoko' a good or evil Character?

Ans: Byam in 'Oroonoko' is an evil Character. 

25. Who is Banister?

Ans: Banister is a rich and uncouth Irishman who, under the instruction of Byam, kills Oroonoko to dissuade the other slaves from revolting.

26. Who is Onahal?

Ans: Onahal is the king’s senior wife who helps Oroonoko to meet his beloved Imoinda.

27. Who is Trefry?

Ans: Trefry is the overseer of Parham Plantation, who tries to free Oroonoko.

28. What is the name of the overseer of Parham Plantation?

Ans: The name of the overseer of Parham Plantation is Trefry. 

29. Who is Tuscan?

Ans: Tuscan is the Surinam slave who betrays Oroonoko after helping him to organize the slave revolt.

30. Who is Jamoan?

Ans: Jamoan is the leader of the opposing army that besieges Oroonoko’s troops.

31. Who is Willoughby?

Ans: Willoughby is the lord-governor of Surinam. 

32. Who owns Parham Plantation?

Ans: Willoughby owns Parham Plantation.

33. What is Surinam?

Ans: Surinam is the smallest independent country in South America, located on the northeast coast. Once it was a British colony. 

34. Where is Surinam?

Ans: Surinam is on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America.

35. In which novel do you get the description of Surinam?

Ans: We get the description of Surinam in the novel “Oroonoko” by Aphra Behn.

36. What types of birds are found in Surinam?

Ans: Tropical birds like parakeets, great parrots, macaws etc. are found in Surinam.  

37. How many types of people live in Surinam?

Ans: According to Behn, three different types of people live in Surinam.

38. What did the native people of Surinam wear?

Ans: The native people of Surinam wore beaded aprons.

39. What is Coramantien?

Ans: Coramantien is a British-held fort and slave market on the Gold Coast of Africa.

40. Where is Coramantien?

Ans: Coramantien is on the Gold Coast of Africa. In modern-day it is Ghana.

Section Two--Life in Coramantien

41. How old was the king of Coramantien?

Ans: The king of Coramantien was over one hundred years old. 

42. Who is the heir to the throne of the king of Coramantien?

Ans: Oroonoko is the heir to the throne of the king of Coramantien. 

43. How did Oroonoko learn humanity? [NU 2013]

Ans: Oroonoko learned humanity from the old general, the father of Imoinda, who sacrificed his life for the sake of Oroonoko.

44. What does Oroonoko's blackness suggest?

Ans: Oroonoko's blackness suggests his racial difference and the oppression he has suffered.

45. When did Oroonoko see Imoinda for the first time? [NU 2013, 2015]

Ans: Oroonoko saw Imoinda for the first time when he came to his grandfather's court.

46. Where does Oroonoko see Imoinda for the first time?

Ans: Oroonoko sees Imoinda for the first time at his grandfather's court.

47. Where did Oroonoko and Imoinda meet for the second time?

Ans: Oroonoko and Imoinda meet for the second time in Surinam.

48. What is Otan? [NU 2012]

Ans: Otan is the harem of the African king.

49. What is Royal Veil? [NU 2012, 2017] 

Ans: Royal Veil is a sacred veil given to any woman whom the African king desires to have as his kept.

50. How beautiful is Imoinda?

Ans: Imoinda is described to be the “fair Queen of the Night” and the beautiful black Venus.

51. How was Imoinda punished by the old king?

Ans: Imoinda was punished by the old king by selling her as a slave.  

52. With whom does Onahal flirt?

Ans: Onahal flirts with Aboan.

53. What was Onahal’s job in the palace?

Ans: Onahal’s job in the palace is to make sure everything is in order for the king’s entertainment, whether that involves arranging court dances or evening activities with young concubines in his bedroom.

54. What accident happens when the king’s wives dance?

Ans: When the king’s wives dance, Imoinda accidentally trips into Oroonoko's arms. 

Section Three--Oroonoko in Surinam

55. What is a lot?

Ans: A lot is an article or set of articles for sale at an auction. 

56. Where were Oroonoko and Imoinda taken as slaves?

Ans: Oroonoko and Imoinda were taken to Surinam as slaves.

57. How is Oroonoko turned into a slave?

Ans: Oroonoko is turned into a slave by the betrayal of the captain of an English ship. The captain invited Oroonoko and about one hundred others to his ship and made them drunkards before imprisoning them.

58. Who is the true friend of Oroonoko?

Ans: Aboan is the true friend of Oroonoko. 

59. Who was a very good mathematician and a linguist?

Ans: Trefry was a very good mathematician and a linguist. 

60. Who gave Clemene the shock-dog?

Ans: Trefry gave Clemene the shock-dog. 

61. What kind of man was Trefry?

Ans: Trefry was a witty and learned man.  

62. What did Trefry promise Oroonoko?

Ans: Trefry promised Oroonoko to help him return to his homeland.

63. What was the promise that the British made to Oroonoko?

Ans: The promise that the British made to Oroonoko is to re-conduct him to his country.

64. Who promised amnesty to Oroonoko?

Ans: Deputy-governor Byam promised amnesty to Oroonoko.

65. How did Mr. Trefry keep Oroonoko busy?

Ans: Mr. Trefry kept Oroonoko busy by engaging himself in hunting, fishing, and a trip to a native village.

66. From whom Oroonoko learn English and Spanish?

Ans: Oroonoko learns English and Spanish from the traders to whom he sells slaves.

67. What is St John’s Hill?

Ans: St John’s Hill is a plantation owned by Sir Robert Harley. 

68. Who is the great Mistress in Oroonoko? [NU 2017] 

Ans: Behn’s narrator is the great Mistress in Oroonoko.

69. How does Caesar kill a tiger?

Ans: Caesar kills a tiger by shooting an arrow directly into its eye. 

70. What is numb eel?

Ans: The “numb eel” is a very strange kind of fish that can physically generate current or electricity.

71. What does the numb eel symbolize?

Ans: The numb eel symbolizes Oroonoko’s craving for power.

72. How is the Lord-governor killed?

Ans: The Lord-governor is killed in a hurricane. 

73. Who were the Picts? [NU 2013]

Ans: The Picts were a tribal confederation of peoples who lived in what is today eastern and northern Scotland during the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval periods.

Section Four – Revolt in Surinam

74. How does Caesar convince other male slave to escape slavery?

Ans: Caesar convinces other male slaves to escape slavery delivering a rousing speech to them.

75. Who became the villain of Oroonoko?

Ans: Byam became the villain of Oroonoko. 

76. Who saves the governor’s life?

Ans: The governor’s native woman saves his life.

77. How did the whites rub the wounds of Caesar?

Ans: The whites rubbed the wounds of Caesar with Indian pepper to intensify his sufferings. 

78. What is Newgate?

Ans: Newgate is a prison in London, at the corner of Newgate Street and Old Bailey.

79. What is colonialism?

Ans: Colonialism is the practice by which a powerful country directly controls less powerful countries and uses their resources to increase its own power and wealth.

80. What incites Oroonoko to rebellion?

Ans: The exploits of Hannibal, the general, incites Oroonoko to rebellion.

81. What was Oroonoko told about the fate of Imoinda?

Ans: About the fate of Imoinda, Oroonoko was told that she had been secretly put to death.  

82. How do Oroonoko and Imoinda plan to escape?

Ans: Oroonoko and Imoinda plan to escape to homeland with the help of Onahal and Aboan.

83. What is Black Friday?

Ans: Black Friday is the day set aside for punishment.

84. What is meant by ‘cat with nine tails’?

Ans: ‘Cat with nine tails’ means a type of multi-tailed whip that originated as an instrument for severe physical punishment,

85. Why does Imoinda die?

Ans: Imoinda dies to get eternal freedom from the disgrace of slavery.

86. How does Imoinda die?

Ans: Imoinda dies at the at the hands of Oroonoko. He cuts her throat first and then separates her face from the body with the help of his knife.  

87. Why does Oroonoko kill Imoinda? [NU 2016]

Ans: Oroonoko kills Imoinda to give her eternal freedom from the disgrace of slavery.

88. How did Oroonoko kill Imoinda?

Ans: Oroonoko killed Imoinda by cutting her throat first with a knife and then severing her smiling face from her delicate body.

89. How does Caesar die?

Ans: Caesar died after his body is cut into pieces.

90. What did the Whites do with Caesaer's quartered body?

Ans: The Whites offered Caesaer's quartered body to the owners of nearby plantation.

91. Why was Oroonoko’s body cut to pieces and distributed among the slaves?

Ans: Oroonoko’s body was cut into pieces and distributed among the slaves so that they don’t dare to revolt.

92. How does Oroonoko receive his poetic justice? [NU 2016]

Ans: Oroonoko receives his poetic justice by becoming a slave from the status of a slave trader.