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'Easter Wings' by George Herbert; Brief-answer Questions

Easter Wings

by George Herbert

1. What kind of poem is "Easter Wings"?

Ans: "Easter Wings" is a pattern poem, religious in spirit.

2. What is the significance of the title “Easter Wings”? [NU 2016]

Ans: The title “Easter Wings” signifies Christ's resurrection from the dead. According to Christianity, Christ's sacrifice, like a pair of wings, lifts the Christians out of sin and sadness.

3. What does the poem 'Easter Wings' symbolize? [NU 2015]

Ans: The poem 'Easter Wings' symbolizes man’s suffering as a result of his sins, as well as his eventual salvation through Jesus Christ.

4. What Biblical allusion do you find in the poem, "Easter Wings"?

Ans: In the poem, "Easter Wings" we find the Biblical allusion of the ‘original sin’.

5. What is the central theme of the poem, "Easter Wings"? [NU 2014]

Ans: The central theme of the poem, "Easter Wings" is the utter moral and the spiritual degeneration of human beings and their salvation through Jesus Christ.

6. What is Easter? [NU 2013]

Ans: Easter is the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

7. What festival does the word 'Easter' refer to?

Ans: The word 'Easter' refers to the festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion. 

8. What is ‘Easter Sunday’? [NU 2017]

Ans: Easter is the third Sunday in the paschal lunar month to commemorate Jesus Christ's resurrection from death.

9. What are 'larks' in ‘Easter Wings’?

Ans: The ‘larks’ in ‘Easter Wings’ are a kind of singing birds that soar high.

10. What did man lose foolishly?

Ans: Man lost his spiritual quality foolishly by eating the fruit of the forbidden tree.

11. What brings spiritual elevation in "Easter Wings"?

Ans: The imping of the poet’s wing on that of Jesus Christ brings spiritual elevation in "Easter Wings".

12. How did man decay and come most poor according to George Herbert?

Ans: According to George Herbert, man decayed and came most poor by committing sin.

13. Whose victory does George Herbert want to sing in “Easter Wings”?

Ans: George Herbert in the poem “Easter Wings” wants to sing the victory of God or Jesus Christ.

14. How did God purge the poet of his sins?

Ans: God purged the poet of his sins by giving him sickness and shame.

15. How did the poet become nearer to God?

Ans: Having been cleansed of his sins, the poet became nearer to God.

16. What is the expectation of George Herbert from Christ in "Easter Wings"?

Ans: In "Easter Wings", the expectation of George Herbert from Christ is to fly with him.

17. What is pattern poem?

Ans: A pattern poem is kind of poem that has a visible shape that reflects the theme of the poem.


  1. Suffering and redemption element in Easter wings

  2. How does George Herbert portrayed religious theme in the collar and Easter wings