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'Dover Beach' by Mathew Arnold; Brief-answer Questions

Dover Beach

by Mathew Arnold

1. What type of poem is “Dover Beach”?

Ans: “Dover Beach” is a lyric poem. 

2. What is Dover?

Ans: Dover is a coastal town in England’s southeastern county of Kent.

3. Where is the Dover strait?

Ans: The Dover strait is located at the narrowest part of the English Channel, marking the boundary between the Channel and North Sea, separating Great Britain from continental Europe.

4. What is Dover famous for? [NU 2016]

Ans: Dover, a principal cross-channel port in Britain, is most famous for its white chalk cliffs.

5. Where is the France Coast?

Ans: The French Coast stands opposite to Dover Beach, on the other side of the English Channel.

6. Who is the speaker of the poem "Dover Beach"?

Ans: The poet Matthew Arnold himself is the speaker of the poem "Dover Beach".

7. When did Arnold visit Dover Beach?

Ans: Arnold visited Dover Beach in 1851.

8. What does Arnold lament in "Dover Beach"? [NU 2012, 2014]

Ans: In “Dover Beach” Arnold laments the loss of religious faith.

9. What is Arnold's view of the world as expressed in 'Dover Beach'?

Ans: Arnold's view of the world as expressed in 'Dover Beach' is that the world is a place where there is ‘neither joy, nor love, nor light,  / Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain’. 

10. Why does Arnold lament in “Dover Beach”?

Ans: In “Dover Beach” Arnold laments because the loss of religious faith has exposed the “naked shingles of the world”. 

11. What is "the eternal note of sadness"? [NU 2013]

Ans: "The eternal note of sadness" is the melancholic tune created by the thought of the rise and fall, ebb and flow, and the confused and distorted state of human life irrespective of time and place.

12. What does Arnold mean by the phrase ‘The turbid ebb and flow of human misery’?

Ans: By the phrase ‘The turbid ebb and flow of human misery’, Arnold means the rise and fall, the confused and disordered state of human life.

13. What does "The Sea of Faith" Symbolize? [NU 2014]

Ans: "The Sea of Faith" symbolizes religious belief.

14. What are "Naked Shingles"?

Ans: "Naked Shingles" mean doubts and disbeliefs in religion. 

15. How is life in the world without faith?

Ans: Life in the world without faith is full of naked shingles or doubts and disbeliefs.  

16. Who is in the poem 'Dover Beach' addressed to? [NU 2014]

Ans: The poem 'Dover Beach' is addressed to Arnold’s wife.

17. What does Arnold tell his beloved?

Ans: Arnold tells his beloved to be true to one another. 

18. Who is Sophocles? [NU 2017]

Ans: Sophocles was one of the most famous and celebrated writers of tragedies in ancient Greece.

19. Where is Aegean Sea?

Ans: The Aegean Sea is located between the southern Balkan and the Anatolian peninsulas, between the mainlands of Greece and Turkey.