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'To Daffodils' by Robert Herrick Brief-answer Questions

To Daffodils

Robert Herrick

1. What kind of poet is Herrick? 

Ans: Robert Herrick is a religious poet.

2. What kind of poem is "To Daffodils"?

Ans: To Daffodils is a lyric poem.

3. What is a lyric poem?

Ans: Lyric poem is a formal type of poem which expresses personal emotions or feelings, typically in the first person.

4. Which age does Robert Herrick belong to?

Ans: ‘Robert Herrick’ belongs to the Caroline Age (1625-1649).

5. Who are the "Cavalier poets"?

Ans: Cavalier poets are the group of poets, namely Robert Herrick, Thomas Carew, John Suckling, Richard Lovelace, and Henry Vaughn, who wrote poetry supporting the king, Charles I.

6. Who were the chief Cavalier poets?

Ans: The chief Cavalier poets were Robert Herrick, Thomas Carew, John Suckling, Richard Lovelace and Henry Vaughn.

7. Why is life compared to daffodils? 

Ans: Life is compared to daffodils because of their transient existence on earth. 

8. What is the underlying meaning of the poem “To Daffodils”?

Ans: The underlying meaning of the poem “To Daffodils” is the transience of human life on earth.

9. What is the message of the poem “To Daffodils"?

Ans: The message of the poem ‘To Daffodils’ is “life is short, and world is beautiful, love is splendid and we must use the short time we live to make the most of it”.

10. What is the tone of the poem "To Daffodils"?

Ans: The tone of the poem “To Daffodils” is melancholic.

11. What does Robert Herrick ask the daffodils to do?

Ans: Robert Herrick asks the daffodils to stay until evening so that they can die together after saying the evening prayer.  

12. What is symbol?

Ans: Symbol is a thing which stands for something else.

13. What do daffodils symbolize in “To Daffodils”?

Ans: In the Poem "To Daffodils" the daffodils symbolize the transience of human life.

14. When does the daffodil bloom?

Ans: The daffodil blooms in the early spring.