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'On His Blindness' by John Milton Brief-answer Questions

On His Blindness

John Milton

1. What type of poem is "On His Blindness"?

Ans: The poem On His Blindness is a sonnet.

2. Who is the writer of "On His Blindness"?

Ans: John Milton is the writer of ‘On His Blindness’.

3. Which age does Milton belong to?

Ans: Milton belongs to the Puritan age.

4. What does the word 'His’ mean in the title "On His Blindness"?

Ans: In the title "On His Blindness", the word ‘His’ means both John Milton and God Himself.

5. What is the rhyme scheme of the sonnet "On His Blindness?"

Ans: The rhyme scheme of the sonnet On His Blindness is abba, abba, cde, cde.

6. When did Milton lose his eyesight?

Ans: Milton lost his eyesight in 1652.

7. Whose blindness does the poem ‘On His Blindness’ refer to? 

Ans: The poem ‘On His Blindness’ refers to the blindness of both the poet and the God Himself.

8. What does the poet mean by 'light'?

Ans: By ‘light’ the poet means eye-sight.

9. Why does Milton lament in "On His Blindness"?

Ans: In "On His Blindness" Milton laments because of his inability to use his talent to praise God in the form of poetry.   

10. What does Milton mean by "that one talent"?

Ans: By "that one talent" Milton means his power of writing poetry.  

11. Whom does Milton address in "On His Blindness"? 

Ans: Milton addresses his mind in “On His Blindness”.

12. How did John Milton want to serve God? 

Ans: John Milton wanted to serve God with his poetic talent.

13. What does the poet fear in case he does not serve God?

Ans: The poet fears that God will chide him in case he does not serve God.

14. What is Milton's question to God?

Ans: Milton's question to God is whether He demands active service from a blind man like him.

15. What is meant by the word "Patience"?

Ans: The word "Patience" means the conscience of the poet. 

16. Who serves God best?

Ans: The person who bears God’s mild yoke serves Him best.

17. How can one serve God best?

Ans: One can serve God best by bearing His mild yoke.

18. Who are the thousand to work at God's bidding?

Ans: Thousands of angels are there to work at God’s bidding.

19. How does Milton Console himself at the end of the Poem? 

Ans: Milton Consoles himself at the end of the poem by realizing the fact that the people who only stand and wait also serve the God.

20. What is metonymy?

Ans: Metonymy is a figure of speech that consists of the use of the name of one object for that of another to which it is related.