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'The Luncheon' by W. Somerset Maugham brief questions and answer

The Luncheon

W. Somerset Maugham

1. Who is the writer of the story “The Luncheon”? 

Ans: William Somerset Maugham is the writer of the story “The Luncheon”.

2. When did Somerset Maugham first meet the lady? 

Ans: Somerset Maugham first met the lady at Foyot’s, on Thursday at half-past twelve. 

3. What was the place where the writer met the lady guest?

Ans: The writer met the lady guest at Foyot’s, a very expensive restaurant in Paris. 

4. How did the lady guest assure the young writer in "The Luncheon"?

Ans: In "The Luncheon" the lady guest assured the young writer by saying, “I never eat anything for luncheon”.

5. Which restaurant did the writer meet the lady? 

Ans: The name of the restaurant where the writer met the lady was Foyot’s.

6. What is Foyot’s?

Ans: Foyot's is an expensive restaurant in Paris, where generally the French senators and other rich men dare to go to have their meals.

7. What is Luncheon? 

Ans: “Luncheon” means a formal, usually midday, meal arranged as a part of a meeting or for entertaining a guest.

8. Why is Foyot's famous?

Ans: Foyot's is famous because it is an expensive restaurant at which the French senators eat.

9. How many items of food and drink did the lady guest have? 

Ans: The lady guest had seven items of food and drink.

10. Name the food items the lady guest took.

Ans: Foods that the lady guest took are salmon, caviar, asparagus, peach, champagne, coffee and ice-cream.

11. How was the asparagus?

Ans: The asparagus was enormous, succulent and appetizing.

12. On what excuse did the lady guest drink champagne? [NU 2015]

Ans: The lady guest drank champagne on the excuse that her doctor would not let her drink anything but champagne.

13. Why did the waiter eat mutton chop?

Ans: The waiter ate mutton chop to save money.

14. Why was the writer convinced to entertain his lady guest at Foyot’s? 

Ans: The writer was convinced to entertain his lady guest at Foyot’s because his writing was appreciated by her and he was too young to say ‘no’ to a woman.

15. Where did the writer meet the lady guest for the second time?  [NU 2017]

Ans: After long twenty years the writer met the lady guest in a theatre for the second time.

16. Convert twenty one stone into kilogram.

Ans: 21 stone = 133.36 kilograms

17. What is a short story? 

Ans: A short story is a piece of prose fiction that can be read in one sitting. It is a story with a fully developed theme but is significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel.

18. Who is Jehova? [NU 2016]

Ans: Jehovah is one of the seven proper names of the God of Israel in the Hebrew Bible.


  1. what was Somerset's expectation from the girl

  2. Can you please tell tell the ans of 2It is evident that the writer was disappointed by the appearance of the woman. How do we learn this ???
    Please and please tell this ans