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'Long Walk to Freedom' by Nelson Mandela brief questions and answer

Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela

1. What is the full name of Mandela?

Ans: The full name of Mandela is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

2. Who is called Madiva? [NU 2016]

Ans: Nelson Mandela is called Madiva.

3. Who gave Mandela the name 'Nelson'? 

Ans: Mandela’s school teacher Miss Mdingane gave him the name 'Nelson'. 

4. Why was Mandela arrested?

Ans: Mandela was arrested on a charge of treason.

5. Why was Nelson Mandela sent to jail?

Ans: Nelson Mandela was sent to jail because he was accused of treason by the South African government. Actually Mandela challenged the apartheid policies of the White government rule and struggled to bring an end of it.

6. What is African National Congress? 

Ans: African National Congress (ANC) is a political party devoted to the freedom struggle in South Africa against the White domination as well as race discrimination. Nelson Mandela was the leader of ANC.

7. When did Mandela become president? 

Ans: Mandela became president on 10 May 1994.

8. What did Mandela promise in his inauguration? [NU 2015]

Ans: Mandela, in his inauguration, promised to follow and sustain the constitution and to dedicate himself to the welfare of the country and its people.

9. What type of writing is “Long Walk to Freedom”?

Ans: ‘Long Walk to Freedom” is an autobiography.

10. When was Mandela awarded the order of merit?

Ans: Mandela was awarded the order of merit by Queen Elizabeth II in 1995.

11. What did N. Mandela Pledge? 

Ans: N. Mandela pledged to liberate all South Africans from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination.

12. Where was Nelson Mandela imprisoned?

Ans: Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island.

13. How did Mandela define freedom in his matured age?

Ans: In his matured age Mandela defines freedom as the emancipation of both the oppressed and the oppressor because both are robbed of their humanity.   

14. What ideals does Mandela set out for the future of South Africa? 

Ans: Mandela set out the ideals of poverty alleviation and removal of suffering of people. He also set the ideal for a society where there would be no discrimination based on gender or racial origins.

15. Who was the second deputy president of Mandela?

Ans: Thabo Mbeki was the second deputy president of Mandela.

16. What is apartheid? 

Ans: Apartheid is a system of institutionalised racial segregation and discrimination that existed in South Africa between 1948 and 1991.

17. What is Rivonia trial?

Ans: Rivonia Trial is the trial that led to the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela and his followers who were convicted of sabotage and sentenced to life at the Palace of Justice, Pretoria.

18. What, according to Mandela, is the greatest wealth of South Africa?  [NU 2017]

Ans: According to Mandela, the greatest wealth of South Africa is its people.