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Short reading comprehension passages with questions and answers- 30


(Brief-answer Questions)

Reading – I

30. Read the following composition attentively and answer any five of the questions:

You may be surprised to learn that there are carnivorous plants as well as carnivorous animals. Plants usually obtain food from the water in the soil and from the salts that are dissolved in it. But some plants grow in poor soil and need other food to make up for the lack of food in the soil itself. To make up the deficiency they trap small insects and digest their bodies. Carnivorous plants use ingenious devices to trap such insects. The pitcher plant is a common carnivorous plant in tropical forests. This plant has a clever trap shaped like a pitcher or jug. It even has a lid to keep out the rain. The mouth of the pitcher is covered with a sweet, sticky substance, like honey or nectar. Insects come to the plant to feed on this substance. When they have eaten all that is round the mouth they crawl into the pitcher to look for more. There is more honey at the bottom and they go down to feed on it. The inner wall of the pitcher is covered with fine hairs. These hairs point downwards, so that the insects cannot climb out of the pitchers. They are trapped in it. They die there, and their bodies are digested by the plant and absorbed as food.

a. "Insects are stuck in the sticky substance and die"- is it true, false or irrelevant statement?

Ans: True

b. Find the adjective of the word 'soil' and make a sentence with it.

Ans: Soilless – He is rushing to the soilless place.

c. Complete the sentence-"Insects die inside the pitcher because..."

Ans: Insects die inside the pitcher because they cannot climb up.

d. Give the antonym of the word 'carnivorous' and make a sentence with it.

Ans: Herbivorous – Herbivorous animals live on herbs.

e. What part of speech is the word 'there' in the last sentence?

Ans: In the last sentence, the word ‘there’ is a pronoun. It is used replacing the word pitcher.

f. Make your own sentence with the phrase 'absorbed as'.

Ans: We take food which is absorbed as energy in our body.

g. Give a title to this short passage.

Ans: Carnivorous Plant: a Plant of Prey

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