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Short reading comprehension passages with questions and answers- 29


(Brief-answer Questions)

Reading – I

29. Read the following composition attentively and answer any five of the questions:

When I was a small boy, my ankles were weak, and I was slow in learning to walk. As a result, I learned to read sooner than most children. My grandmother used to read a great deal to me – school stories, all very virtuous, where the hero and his favourite teacher were incredibly brave, and the bad lad was terribly bad, and came to an edifying end in the last chapter but one. From these stories we came to Eric or Little by Little and St Winfred’s which were similar in moral tone, but much better written. As I grew older, and chose my own reading, I rushed to comic papers and penny bloods. The youth of today can have no idea what a wonderful period that was for penny-bloods. It was the golden age of thrillers, and I read them all. I have got some still in my bookcase. Only a few; but I treasure them. [NU 2016]

a. How many clauses are there in the first sentence and what is its grammatical name in terms of its structure?

Answer: There are three clauses in the first sentence which is a compound-complex sentence in terms of its structure.

b. Why did the speaker learn to read sooner?

Answer: The speaker learnt to read sooner than most children because he had to remain home for his weak ankles which made him slow in learning to walk.

c. When did the speaker rush to comic papers and penny-bloods and how did he enjoy then?

Answer: When the speaker grew older, he rushed to comic papers and penny-bloods. He enjoyed them greatly with thrills.

d. What is meant by the phrase-"the last chapter but one’?

Answer: The phrase "the last chapter but one” means the chapter before the final chapter.

e. Who were incredibly brave?

Answer: The hero and his favourite teacher in the school stories were incredibly brave.


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