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'Learning Grief' by Kaiser Haq Brief-answer Questions

Learning Grief

Kaiser Haq

1. What is the nationality of Kaiser Haq?

Ans: Kaiser Haq is a Bangladeshi. 

2. What is the theme of the poem “Learning Grief”?

Ans: The theme of the poem “Learning Grief” is to learn the acuteness of grief through different types of death.

3. To what does the speaker of "Learning Grief" compare his sister?

Ans: The speaker of "Learning Grief" compares his sister to a sliver of moonlight. 

4. What is 'the dark mop of cloud'?

Ans: 'The dark mop of cloud' is a metaphor that stands for death.

5. How did the speaker's sister die?

Ans: The speaker’s sister died of winter Pneumonia.

6. When did the clock of the poet’s life stop?

Ans: The clock of the poet’s life stopped when he was ten years old, the time when his sister died. 

7. When did the clock of the poet's life begin to tick again?

Ans: One day, when a joke burst from his lips, the clock of the poet's life began to tick again.

8. How did the poet realize that he had learned grief?

Ans: By laughing again after having a greater intensity of grief, the poet realized that he had learned grief.


  1. I think the answer to the second question is misleading. To me the answer should be " The theme of the poem "Learning Grief" is the way how a human learns that he/she has feeling: grief to show at a certain sort of incidents.