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'Fern Hill' by Dylan Thomas Brief-answer Questions

Fern Hill

Dylan Thomas

1. What is the full name of Dylan Thomas?

Ans: The full name of Dylan Thomas is Dylan Marlais Thomas

2. Why is Dylan Thomas called a Womb-Tomb poet?

Ans: Dylan Thomas is called a womb-tomb poet because birth, copulation and death are the major themes of his poems.

3. What kind of poem is "Fern Hill"?

Ans: “Fern Hill” is a lyric.

4. What is Fern Hill?

Ans: Fern Hill is the name of a farm that belonged to the poet’s aunt.

5. What is the theme of "Fern Hill"?

Ans: The theme of “Fern Hill” is the mighty power of time.

6. Write about the tone of the poem 'Fern Hill'?

Ans: The tone of the poem 'Fern Hill’ is happiness.

7. How is the house of the "Fern Hill"? 

Ans: The house of the "Fern Hill" was full of natural music.

8. What does the phrase 'lilting house' mean in the poem "Fern Hill"?

Ans: In the poem "Fern Hill", the ‘lilting house’ means a house full of soft music.

9. What does the phrase "apple towns" mean?

Ans: The phrase "apple towns" means a garden full of apple trees. 

10. Who is the true hero in the poem 'Fern Hill?

Ans: Time is the true hero in the poem 'Fern Hill’.

11. What is the meaning of the word 'windfall'?

Ans: The meaning of the word ‘windfall’ is ‘prematurely fallen as a result of the blows of wind.

12. Who used to carry the farm away?

Ans: The owls used to carry the farm away. 

13. What is Sabbath?

Ans: Sabbath is the poetic form of Sunday, a day of religious observance and abstinence from work for the Christians.

14. What does Dylan Thomas mean by "the lamb white days?"

Ans: By "the lamb white days" Dylan Thomas means the innocent and carefree days of childhood.

15. Which figure of speech do you find in the line, "Time held me green and dying"

Ans: Personification

16. What does "Once below a time" mean?

Ans: “Once below a time” is actually the modified version of “Once upon a time” that refers to the past.  

17. What does "All the sun long" mean?

Ans: "All the sun long" is actually the modified version of  “all the day long” that means all through the day. 

18. What does "All the moon long mean"?

Ans: "All the moon long mean" is actually the modified version of “all the day long”. By "all the moon long mean" the poet wants to mean the entire night. 

19. What does the word "maiden" mean in the phrase "Adam and maiden"?

Ans: In the phrase "Adam and maiden", the word "maiden" means Eve. 

20. Name two poems where Time occupies one of the central themes?

Ans: Two poems where Time occupies one of the central themes are: ‘Fern Hill’ and ‘Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?’


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