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'Kubla Khan' by S. T. Coleridge; Brief-answer Questions

Kubla Khan

S. T. Coleridge

1. What kind of poem is Kubla Khan?
Ans: Kubla Khan is a romantic dream poem.
2. Why is “Kubla Khan” called a dream Poem?
Ans: Kubla Khan is called a dream poem because it has the quality of jumpiness. Moreover it came to the poet in his dream.
3. Why did S. T. Coleridge take opium?
Ans: S. T. Coleridge used to take opium as a dose to get relief from the pain of swelling in his knees. 
4. Who was Kubla Khan?
Ans: Kubla Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan. He was the first emperor of Yuan dynasty.
5. What is the setting of 'Kbula Khan'?
Ans: Xanadu is the setting of Kubla Khan.
6. Where is Xanadu?
Ans: Xanadu is situated in Inner Mongolia in north China.
7. What is the name of the river that Coleridge mentions in Kubla Khan?
Ans: The name of the river that Coleridge mentions in Kubla Khan is Alph.
8. What is the Alph?
Ans: The Alph in Kubla Khan is an imaginary sacred river that ran through the caverns of Xanadu.
9. What does 'the sacred river' symbolise?
Ans: ‘The sacred river’ symbolizes life.
10. What does 'a sunless sea' signify in "Kubla khan"? [NU 2018]
Ans: In "Kubla khan", 'a sunless sea' signifies ‘death’.
11. For whom was the woman wailing in Kubla Khan?
Ans: The woman was wailing for her demon lover in “Kubla Khan”.
12. What is the central image in the poem 'Kubla Khan'?
Ans: The central image in the poem 'Kubla Khan' is the ‘pleasure-doom’.
13. What is meant by the pleasure dome?
Ans: The pleasure dome means a large building or place exclusively used for getting entertainment or recreation.
14. What is the specialty of the pleasure dome?
Ans: The specialty of the pleasure dome is that it is cold inside but sunny outside. 
15. What was the Abyssinian maid doing?
Ans: The Abyssinian maid was playing on a dulcimer and singing of Mount Abora. 
16. What is a 'dulcimer'? [NU 2018]
Ans: Dulcimer is a musical instrument.
17. Where will the poet combine the architecture of the dome with the music of the dulcimer?
Ans: The poet will combine the architecture of the dome with the music of the dulcimer in his own creation of the dome of poetry.