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'Don Juan Canto - I' by Lord Byron; Brief-answer Questions

Lord Byron

Don Juan (Canto - I)

1. How is a Byronic hero?
Ans: A Byronic hero is a melancholy and rebellious young man, distressed by a terrible wrong he committed in the past.
2. What type of satirist is Byron?
Ans: Byron is a light hearted satirist.
3. Why does the poet want an uncommon hero?
Ans: The poet wants an uncommon hero because he is bored with traditional romantic heroes.
4. Where was Don Juan born?
Ans: Don Juan was born in Seville, Spain.
5. Which city is famous for oranges and women in Don Juan?
Ans: Seville is famous for oranges and women in Don Juan.
6. Who were Juan's parents?
Ans: Don Jose and Donna Inez were Juan’s parents.
7. What is Don Juan's mother's name?
Ans: Don Juan's mother's name is Donna Inez.
8. What kind of man was Don Jose?
Ans: Don Jose was an inconsiderate man. He had respect neither for education nor for the educated persons.
9. How did Don Jose die?
Ans: Don Jose died of the slow fever called the tertian. 
10. Who is Donna Julia?
Ans: Donna Julia is the wife of Don Alfonso and a friend of Donna Inez.
11. Whom did Julia marry?
Ans: Julia married Don Alfonso.
12. How did Juan manage to flee from Julia's bed chamber?
Ans: Juan manages to flee nacked from Julia's bed chamber striking Alfonso on the nose.
13. How old was Donna Julia?
Ans: Donna Julia was 23 years old.
14. What stanza form is used in Don Juan?
Ans: The stanza form used in Don Juan is Ottava Rima.
15. How was Don Juan in his childhood?
Ans: Don Juan was a little curly haired child, a mischief making monkey in his childhood.
16. How were done Jose and Donna Inez mismatched?
Ans: Don Jose and Donna Inez were mismatched by incompatibility of character and personality. Don Alfonso had nothing to offer Donna Julia except his name and station. Theirs was a marriage of convenience.
19. What languages did Donna Inez know?
Ans: Donna Inez knew Greek, Latin, French, English, and Hebrew.
20. What is the name of Julia's husband in Don Juan Canto-1?
Ans: The name of Julia's husband is Don Alfanso in Don Juan Canto-1.
21. What is the born physical defect of Lord Byron?
Ans: The born physical defect of Lord Byron is clubfoot.
22. What is Trafalgar as referred to in Don Juan?
Ans: As referred to in Don Juan, Trafalgar is a cape on the south-west coast of Spain, west of Gibraltar.
23. What is the full name of Byron?
Ans: The full name of Byron is George Gordon Byron
24. What is rare at the age of fifty?
Ans: Love for love is rare at the age of fifty.
25. What happened to Julia at the end of Canto-1 in Don Juan?
Ans: At the end of Canto I in Don Juan Julia was sent to a convent with the aim of purification.
26. What does Byron satirize in "Don Juan" Canto-I?
Ans: In "Don Juan" Canto-I, Byron satirizes individuals, modern society and social institutions like love and marriage.
27. What type of hero does Byron want for his "Don Juan"?
Ans: For his "Don Juan" Byron wants an uncommon and unconventional hero.
28. Why did Dona Inez maintain intimacy with Julia?
Ans: Dona Inez maintained intimacy with Julia to continue her former love affair with Alfonso, Julia’s husband.
29. Why does Donna Julia fall in love with Don Juan?
Ans: Donna Julia falls in love with Don Juan because her old aged husband cannot satisfy her sexual desire.
30. Who says anxiously "Fly, Juan. fly! for heaven's sake?
Ans: Julia says anxiously "Fly, Juan. fly! for heaven's sake”.
31. Where and why was Don Juan sent at the end of the poem?
Ans: At the end of the poem Don Juan was sent to European countries for higher education.
32. How was Juan detected in Julia’s bedroom? [NU 2018]
Ans: Juan was detected in Julia’s bedroom by his own pair of shoes.
33. What did Juan learn? [NU 2018]
Ans: Juan learnt the arts of riding, fencing, gunnery and how to scale a fortress or a nunnery.