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Brief Question Answer from 'It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free' by William Wordsworth

It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free

1. Who is addressed in the poem?
Ans: Caroline, the illegitimate child of Wordsworth, is addressed in the poem.
2. What does the phrase "holy time" refer to?
Ans: The phrase "holy time" refers to the evening time, the time of prayer. 
3. Why is the nun "breathless"?
Ans: The nun is "breathless" because she is completely absorbed in her prayer to God. 
4. What is the mighty Being?
Ans: The mighty Being is the all-pervasive spirit which Wordsworth associates with Nature and God.  
5. What does the "eternal motion" mean?
Ans: The "eternal motion" means the ever changing and ever revolving spirit of nature. 
6. Who is the "dear child" or "dear Girl"?
Ans: The "dear child" or "dear Girl" is Caroline, the illegitimate child of Wordsworth. 
7. Who is Caroline?
Ans: Caroline is the illegitimate child of Wordsworth and Annette Vallon. 
8. What does the phrase "Abraham's bosom" mean? 
Ans: The phrase "Abraham's bosom" means the place of comfort in the Biblical Sheol where the righteous dead await Judgment Day.
9. What does Abraham's bosom stand for?
Ans: Abraham's bosom stands for the trust and innocence of Caroline. 


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