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WH-questions Exercise part-2

SLGiven SentencesAnswers
1The book is under the table.Where is the book?
2I did not go there as I was ill.Why did you not go there?
3Barisal is famous for rice.What is Barisal famous for?
4He was talking to his friends.Who was he talking to?
5Milton wrote "The Paradise Lost".Who wrote "The Paradise Lost"?
6Everybody wishes to be happy.What does everybody wish?
7He ate five mangoes.How many did he eat mangoes?
8Shakespeare was born in 1564.When was Shakespeare born?
9He put the book on the table.Where did he put the book?
10Jessore is 90 kilometres from Kushtia.How far is Jessore from Kushtia?
11He goes to school on foot.How does he go to school?
12It is 10 o'clock.What time is it?
13He has been doing the work for two hours.How long has he been doing the work?
14Runa is talking to Luna.Who is talking to Luna?
15It is half past ten a.m. now.What time is it now?