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wh-questions Exercise part-1

SLGiven SentencesAnswers
1Rajshahi is famous for mangoes.What is Rajshahi famous for?
2My father visits our village very often.Where does your father visits very often?
3I went to Dhaka to buy some rare books.Why did you go to Dhaka?
4The train runs at 50 km per hour.How fast does the train run?
5The bike costs him five thousands taka.How much does the bike cost him?
6They are going to Chittagong tomorrow.Where are they going tomorrow?
7Every mother loves her child.Who doesn't love her child?
8He stole my purse.What did he steal?
9We live at Satkhira.Where do you live?
10He cut a good figure in the examination.What did he do in the examination?
11We love him for his honesty.Why do you love him?
12My brother is interested in music.What is your brother isterested in?
13He rang the bell thrice.How often did he ring the bell?
14I like you most.How do you like me?
15Khulna is 206 miles from zero point.How far is Khulna from zero point?