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Correction Exercise part-1

SLGiven SentencesCorrect Sentences
01.Do not pride in your wealth. Do not take pride in your wealth.
02.Do you know how does corruption eats up a nation. Do you know how corruption eats up a nation?
03.Fifty mile is a long distance. Fifty miles is a long distance.
04.Had I been a rich man, I could help you. Had I been a rich man, I could have helped you.
05.He did not let me to go in. He did not let me go in.
06.He is an important member in the committee. He is an important member on the committee.
07.He is more senior than me. He is senior to me.
08.He was so insolent that I did not hear him. He was so insolent that I did not listen to him.
09.I have wathced 'Ainabazi' last evening. I watched 'Ainabazi' last evening.
10.I shall avail of this opportunity. I shall avail myself of the opportunity.
11.I went to the man's house whom you saw. I went to the house of the man whom you saw.
12.It is raining for an hour. It has been raining for an hour.
13.Nothing is more dearer than life. Nothing is dearer than life.
14.She is wiser than I think. She is wiser than I thought her to be.
15.She prefers to read than write. She prefers reading to writing.
16.The man was charged for murder. The man was charged with murder.
17.The people of Mymensingh are better than Dhaka. The people of Mymensingh are better than the people of Dhaka.
18.The ship drowned last night. The ship sank last night.
19.Walking in the garden a suake bit him. While he was walking in the garden, a snake bit him.
20.Where he went yesterday?Where did he go yesterday?