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Previous Question of 'Victorian Poetry'- 2013 with answer


Victorian Poetry



[According to the New Syllabus]

Subject Code: 1177

(Victorian Poetry)

Time----4 hours                                                                                                  Full marks-----80


1. Answer any ten of the following questions in complete sentence:-                 1x10=10

a   How did Browning divide people in "A Grammarian's Funeral"?

b  What type of poem is "Locksley Hall"?

     Ans: “Locksley Hall” by Tennyson is a dramatic monologue based on unrequited love.

c   What kind of area did the Scholar gipsy love?

     Ans: The Scholar Gipsy loved ‘retir’d’ or isolated area.

d  Who sang the Choric song in "The Lotos Eaters"?

     Ans: In "The Lotos-Eaters" the fellow mariners of Ulysses sang the choric song.

e   What is Bab-lock-hithe?

     Ans:  Bablock-hithe is a small hamlet in Oxfordshire, situated 5 miles west of Oxford city centre. There was formerly an important vehicle ferry across the River Thames at Bablock-hithe.

f   To what type of lily is Laura compared?

g   How did the priest pray on behalf of Randal?

     Ans:  The priest prayed on behalf of Randal as "Ah well, God rest him all road ever he offended!"

h  What is "the eternal note of sadness"?

     Ans:  "The eternal note of sadness" is the melancholic tune created by the thought of the rise and fall, ebb and flow, and the confused and distorted state of human life irrespective of time and place.

i    Why is Margaret crying?

     Ans:  Margaret is crying seeing the shedding of the leaves of Goldengrove.

j   What kind of woman was Lucrezia?

     Ans:  Lucrezia was a greedy, faithless and soulless woman having serpentine beauty.

k  What is Arnold's view about Truth?

     Ans:  According to Arnold, truth is not a commercial product. Nothing worldly can purchase it.

l    What is Victorian Compromise?

     Ans:  Victorian Compromise is the compromise between reason and emotion, religion and science, faith and doubt, freedom and restriction etc.


Part- B

(Answer any five of the following questions)


2. How does Browning treat love in "Fra Lippo Lippi"?

3. Why doesn't the speaker of the poem ‘An Apple-Gathering’ find any apple tree in due season?

4. How does Arnold persent a contrast between the transitoriness of man-made thing and the permanence of Nature in "Thyrsis"?

5. How can the bird be the mirror of Christ?

6. How is Telemachus presented as contrast to his father?

7. Describe Andrea as a faultless painter.

8. What sensory images do you find in "Dover Beach"?

9. Explain with reference to the context :

     This world's no blot for us,

     Nor blank- it means intensely, and means good :

     To find its meaning is my meat and drink.

Part- C

(Answer any five questions)


10. Give an account of the pastoral elements in Arnold’s poetry that you have read.

11. Do you think Browning an optimist? Discuss with reference to the poems you have read.

12. Write a critical appreciation of Tennyson’s poem ‘The Lotos Eaters’.

13. Consider "Pied Beauty" as a religious poem.

14. 'Aspects of Victorian life dominate Tennyson's poetry.' - Justify this statement with reference to Tennyson's poems that you have read.

15. How is an apple gathering a metaphor of something larger namely a relationship?

16. How does Browning reflect the Renaissance temper in his poem?

17. What idea do you have of Christina Rossetti, as a lyrical poet?

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