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Victorian Poetry



[According to the New Syllabus]

Subject Code: 1177

(Victorian Poetry)

Time----4 hours                                                                                                Full marks---80


1. Answer any ten of the following questions in complete sentence:-                 1x10=10

a. What is ‘galingale’?

Ans: Galingale is a sedge with an aromatic rhizome. It is used in perfumes.

b. What is the source of the poem, "Lotus Eaters"?

Ans: The Odyssey by Homer is the source of the poem "The Lotos Eaters".

c. What is the name of Ulysses' son?

Ans: The name of Ulysses' son is Telemachus.

d. Who is the Scholar Gipsy?

Ans: The Scholar Gypsy is an Oxford scholar who gives up his academic life to roam the world with a band of Gypsies, absorbing their customs and seeking the source of their wisdom.

e. Why did Lucrezia's lover hope to get money from Lucrezia?

Ans: Lucrezia's lover hoped to get money from Lucrezia so that he can pay off his debts.

f. Who caught Lippo at night?

Ans: A group of watchmen caught Lippo at night.

g. What is the law of Goblin fruit?

h. What does Arnold lament in ‘Dover Beach’?

Ans: In “Dover Beach” Arnold laments the loss of religious faith.

i. Who is Thyrsis?

Ans: Thyrsis is the title character of a poem written by Matthew Arnold in 1865. The character is representative of Arnold's friend Arthur Hugh Clough.

j. Who is Willie?

k. What kind of joy did Hopkins feel when he prayed for the blacksmith?

l. What did Felix Randal use to make?

Ans: Felix Randal used to make horseshoes.

Part- B

(Answer any five questions)


2. How did Tennyson satirize the Victorian age in "Locksley Hall"?

3. To what is Laura compared when she loses consciousness in ‘Goblin market’?

4. What is the significance of the title "Spring and Fall" by G. M Hopkins?

5. What do you know about Ulysses?

6. And we are here as on a darkling plain

    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and fight

   Where ignorant armies clash by might". Explain with the reference to the context.

7. Explain with reference to the context

Our low life was the level's and the night's

He's for the morning.

8. How was the unnamed speaker affected by the betrayed love in "An Apple Gathering"?

9. Write a short note on ‘Modern People’ in Arnald’s “The Scholar Gipsy”.


Part- C

(Answer any five questions)


10. What romantic elements do you find in Tennyson's poem that you have read?

11. What is dramatic monologue? Discuss Browning as a writer of dramatic monologue.

12. "Arnold's poetry is the criticism of life"– Discuss with reference to his poems that you have read.

13. Comment on the symbols used in Hopk in's poems.

14. Discuss “Goblin Market” as as religious allegory.

15. Elucidate the use of myth and legend in Tennyson's poems.

16. What is an elegy? Discuss "Thyrsis" as an elegy.

17. "Browning's poetry reveals a deep knowledge of psychology of men and women." Discuss.

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