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Previous Question of 'Restoration and 18th century Fiction'- 2016 (with answer)


Restoration and 18th century Fiction



Subject Code: 231107

(Restoration and 18th century Fiction)

Time: 4 Hours                                                                                                       Full Marks: 80


1. Answer any ten of the following questions                                                           1 × 10 = 10

a)  What kind of book is Oroonoko?

     Ans: Oroonoko is an anti-colonial and anti-slavery novel in which Aphra Behn sets an example to write in a new field and to fight against strongly built unjust politico-socio-economic institution.

b) Why does Oroonoko kill Imoinda?

     Ans: Oroonoko kills Imoinda to give her eternal freedom from the disgrace of slavery.

c) How does Oroonoko receive his poetic justice?

     Ans: Oroonoko receives his poetic justice by becoming a slave from the status of a slave trader.

d) What was Crusoe’s dream from the very beginning of his life?

     Ans: Crusoe's dream from the very beginning of his life was to go on sea voyages.

e) What name did Crusoe give to the rescued man?

     Ans: Crusoe gave the name Friday to the rescued man.

f) Why was the gunpowder very important to Crusoe?

     Ans: The gunpowder was very important to Crusoe because he collected his livelihood and protected himself from the savages with the gunpowder.

g) What is the subject matter of the novel Tom Jones?

     Ans: The subject matter of the novel “Tom Jones” is human nature and real life.

h) Who was Sophia?

     Ans: Sophia, the daughter of the violent Squire, is the beautiful, generous heroine of Tom Jones.

i) Why did one day Tom attack Master Blifil?

     Ans: Tom attacked Master Blifil for calling him a beggarly bastard.

j) How was Gulliver called by the Lilliputians?

     Ans: The Lilliputians called Gulliver Quinebus Flestrine or Man-Mountain.

k) How was Gulliver taken to the capital city from the sea shore?

     Ans: Gulliver was taken to the capital city from the sea shore by binding him down to a kind of stretcher pulled by fifteen hundred of the emperor's largest horses, each about four inches and a half high.

1) How many seamstresses were employed to prepare dress for Gulliver?

     Ans: Two hundred seamstresses were employed to prepare dress for Gulliver.



Answer any five of the following questions:                                                               4 × 5 = 20

2. How does Oroonoko fall in love with Imoinda?

3. Comment on the custom of the royal veil in Oeoonoko?

4. How did Crusoe build his habitat in the island?

5. How did Crusoe approach God for his sin of disobedience?

6. How did Tom get shelter in Allworty’s house?

7. How was Tom Jones imprisoned?

8. How did Gulliver reach the country of the Lilliputians?

9. Write a short note on the Houyhnhnms.



Answer any five questions:                                                                                        10 × 5 = 50

10. Discuss the theme of anti-colonialism in Aphra Behn’s “Oroonoko”.

11. Sketch the character of Imoinda.

l2. Trace the spiritual progress of Robinson Crusoe as depicted by Defoe in his novel.

13. Is Crusoe a colonialist? Justify.

14. “Tom Jones” reflects the social picture of mid-eighteenth century England-elucidate.

15. Write a short note on the characterization of Henry Fielding in “Tom Jones”.

16. How does Swift satirize the contemporary politics of England through his Voyages to Lilliput and Brobdingnag?

17. Do you think Jonathan Swift is a misanthropist? Justify your answer.