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Previous Question of 'Restoration and 18th century Fiction'- 2017 (with answer)


Restoration and 18th century Fiction



Subject Code: 231107

(Restoration and 18th century Fiction)

Time: 4 Hours                                                                                                       Full Marks: 80


1. Answer any ten of the following questions                                                           1 × 10 = 10

a) What is Royal Veil?

     Ans: Royal Veil is a sacred veil given to any woman whom the African king desires to have as his kept.

b) Who is the great Mistress in Oroonoko?

     Ans: Behn’s narrator is the great Mistress in Oroonoko.

c) What does the name ‘Allworthy’ signify?

d) How many years did Crusoe stay in the isolated island?

     Ans: Robinson stayed more than 28 years in the isolated island

e) What was Crusoe’s original sin?

     Ans: The act of ignoring his father’s advice was Crusoe's original sin.

f) Who was Friday?

     Ans: Friday was a Caribbean native, one of the "savages" that Robinson sees on his island. Friday is taken as a prisoner by some cannibals who prepare to eat him on Robinson's island, but he manages to escape. Robinson helps rescue him,

g) Who was the supposed mother of Tom Jones?

     Ans: Jenny Jones was supposed mother of Tom Jones.

h) Whom did Miss Bridget marry in ‘Tom Jones”?

     Ans: Miss Bridget married Captain Blifil in ‘Tom Jones”.

i) Mention the full title of the third part of “Gulliver’s Travels”.

     Ans: The full title of the third part of “Gulliver’s Travels” is “A Voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib, and Japan.”

j) What was the name of the metropolis of Brobdingnag?

     Ans: Lorbrulgrad or the Pride of the Universe was the name of the metropolis of Brobdingnag.

k) Who is Skyresh Bolgolam?

     Ans: Skyresh Bolgolam is the High Admiral of Lilliput, who is the only member of the administration to oppose Gulliver's liberation.

1) Which Political Party of England has been satirized in Book I of “Gulliver’s Travels”?

     Ans: Whig along with Tory has been satirized in Book I of “Gulliver’s Travels”



Answer any five of the following questions:                                                               4 × 5 = 20

2. How does Oroonoko plan a slave revolt?

3. Write a short note on the Houyhnhnms.

4. How did Crusoe become a slave from merchant?

5. Write a note on the foot-print episode in “Robinson Crusoe”.

6. Why did squire Allworthy banish Tom Jones from his house?

7. What was lady Bellaston’s Plan against Sophia?

8. Who were the Big Endians and little Endians?

9. Why was Oroonoko attracted towards Imoinda?



Answer any five questions:                                                                                        10 × 5 = 50

10. Attempt a character study of Oroonoko.

11. Make a study of the horrors of slavery and the harsh attitude of the European colonists in “Oroonoko”.

12. Write a note on the theme of sin, punishment and repentance in “Robinson Crusoe.”

13. Comment on the themes of commerce in the novel “Robinson Crusoe.”

14. Comment on Fielding's Concept of morality and Sexuality in “Tom Jones”.

15. Comment on the disclosure of Tom’s parentage at the end of the novel “Tom Jones”.

16. How does Swift satirize Science in “Gulliver’s Travels”?

17. Compare and contrast between the king of Lilliput and the king of Brobdingnag.