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Brief question answer from 'Riders to the Sea' Part-1

Riders to the Sea

John Millington Synge

1. What is the full name of Synge?
Ans: The full name of Synge is Edmund John Millington Synge.
2. What is the nationality of J. M. Synge?
Ans: J.M. Synge is an Irish playwright.
3. What kind of play is “Riders to the Sea”? [NU 2016]
Ans: “Riders to the Sea” is a one-act tragedy.
4. What is one- act play?
Ans: One- act play is a play that has only one act.
5. How many acts does 'Riders to the sea' have?
Ans: 'Riders to the sea' has only one act.
6. Where did the action of Riders to the Sea take place?
Ans: The action of Riders to the Sea took place in the kitchen of Maurya.
7. What is oilskin in 'Riders to the Sea'?
Ans: In Riders to the Sea, 'oilskin' is a sheet dipped in oil and dried to be used as water proof cover.
8. What does the spinning wheel indicate?
Ans: The spinning-wheel indicates that the women folk of the Aran Islands used to supplement the family income with income generating activities at home.
9. What is 'kneading'?
Ans: 'Kneading' is the way of blending flour with eggs, milk and resins to make a cake.
10. What is Donegal?
Ans: Donegal is a county of North Ireland where the dead body of Michael was discovered.
11. Who are the sons of Maurya? [NU 2013, 2016]
Ans: The sons of Maurya are Stephen, Shawn, Sheamus, Patch, Michel and Bartley.
12. Who were the surviving children of Maurya at the beginning of the play? [NU 2015]
Ans: Bartley, Nora and Cathleen were the surviving children of Maurya at the beginning of the play. 
13. What is Galway fair? [NU 2014]
Ans: The Galway fair is the fair held in Galway where animals can be sold or purchased. Bartley wanted to go to the fair for selling two horses.
14. What is the Galway fair known for? [NU 2018]
Ans: The Galway fair is known for selling horses. It is situated in the main land of Galway.
15. Where was Bartley going that day?
Ans: Bartley was going to the Galway fair that day for selling horses.