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Brief question answer from 'Arms and the Man' Part-3

Arms and the Man

by George Bernard Shaw

31. How according to Bluntschli can one recognize an old soldier? 
Ans: According to Bluntschli, one can recognise an old sailor from the contents of his pistol cases and cartridge boxes where the soldier carries some food. 
32. Whom did Captain Bluntsclihi call Don Quixote? [NU 2011]
Ans: Captain Bluntsclihi called Sergius Don Quixote.
33. What is a professional soldier? 
Ans: A professional soldier is a soldier who fights for money. That means, he takes soldiering as a profession.
34. Who was a professional solder in Arms and the Man?
Ans: Bluntschli was a professional solder in Arms and the Man.
35. What is ‘Professional’ to Bluntschli? [NU 2016]
Ans: The act of fighting is ‘Professional’ to Bluntschli.
36. Why did Bluntchli join Serbian Army?
Ans: Bluntchli joined Serbian Army because he is a professional soldier.
37. Why are the Serbians defeated in the battle?
Ans: The Serbians are defeated in the battle because they did not have ammunition in their machine guns.
38. Who is called chocolate-cream soldier?
Ans: Bluntsclihi is called the chocolate-cream soldier.
39. Why does Raina call Bluntschli a chocolate cream solider?
Ans: Raina calls Bluntschli a chocolate cream solider because he used to bring chocolate in the battle field instead of cartridges.
40. What according to Raina is 'higher love’? [NU 2014]
Ans: Higher love is a romantic conception of love as being union of two souls. Raina thinks that higher love imbibes the lovers to be faithful to each other permanently where absence of distance is meaningless.
41. From where did Raina derive her romantic ideas about Sergius? [NU 2013]
Ans: Raina derived her romantic ideas about Sergius from her reading of Byron and Pushkin and her visits to the opera.
42. What is 'love in idleness'? [NU 2013]
Ans: 'Love in idleness' refers to a special type of white flowers that transformed into purple after being hit by Cupid’s arrow.
43. Who is Nikola?
Ans: Nicola is the male servant in the Petkoff’s family.
44. What according to Nicola, is the secret of success in service?
Ans: According to Nicola, the secret of success in service is the possession of "the soul of a servant".
45. What is Cavalry Charge? [NU 2011, 2015]
Ans: Cavalry charge means the attack by the mounted Soldier on horseback.