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Paragraph on 'Load shedding'


Load shedding

Load shedding means load management. It means the shedding of load or pressure from the supply of electricity. It occurs when the generation of power is less than the demand. The demand becomes high during evening hours, especially during summer season. During these hours everybody needs lights and fans. So there is a huge load on electricity at this time. Sometimes the load is so high that it becomes impossible for the authority to manage the load. So load shedding occurs and brings suffering to all. The students are the worst sufferers. They cannot prepare their lesson properly. So, their education is hampered. It also hampers our national economic growth. Due to load shedding mills and factories come to a stand still. It hampers their production. We can minimize load shedding by establishing more power plants and power houses. We need to stop unplanned distribution of electricity at any cost. The authority should reduce system loss and stop illegal connection. People should be conscious both in using and saving electricity. We need to import more electricity at cheap rate from neighbouring countries.