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Spelling mistakes

Very important Spelling for BCS, BANK and other Examination.
1Correct Spelling part-1
2Correct Spelling part-2
3Correct Spelling part-3
4Correct Spelling part-4
5Correct Spelling part-5
6Correct Spelling part-6
7Correct Spelling part-7
8Correct Spelling part-8
9Correct Spelling part-9
10Correct Spelling part-10
11Correct Spelling part-11
12Correct Spelling part-12
13Correct Spelling part-13
14Correct Spelling part-14
15Correct Spelling part-15
16Correct Spelling part-16
17Correct Spelling part-17
18Correct Spelling part-18
19Correct Spelling part-19
20Correct Spelling part-20
21Correct Spelling part-21
22Correct Spelling part-22
23Correct Spelling part-23
24Correct Spelling part-24
25Correct Spelling part-25
26Correct Spelling part-26
27Correct Spelling part-27
28Correct Spelling part-28
29Correct Spelling part-29
30Correct Spelling part-30
31Correct Spelling part-31
32Correct Spelling part-32