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W.B. Yeats: brief-answer Questions

W.B. Yeats

1. What is the nationality of W. B Yeats?

Ans: W. B. Yeats was an Irish poet.

2. What was the name of Yeats daughter?

Ans: The name of Yeats’ daughter was Anne Yeats.

3. When and where was W.B. Yeats born?

Ans: W.B. Yeats was born on June 13, 1865, in Dublin, Ireland.

4. When did W. B. Yeats receive the Nobel Prize?

Ans: W. B. Yeats received the Nobel Prize in December 1923.

5. Why was W. B Yeats called the national poet of Ireland?

Ans: Yeats was called the national poet of Ireland because of his birth and partly growing up in Ireland, his Irish temparament, choice of subject matter, and upholding of Irish tradition.