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Short reading comprehension passages with questions and answers- 21


(Brief-answer Questions)

Reading – I

21. Read the following composition attentively and answer any five of the questions:

Self-control is at the root of all virtues. Let a man give the rein to his impulses and passions, and from that moment yields up his moral freedom. He is carried along the current of life and becomes slave of his strongest desires for the time being.

To be morally free—to be more than an animal—man must be able to resist instinctive impulse, and this can only be done by exercise of self-control. Thus it is this power which constitutes the real distinction between a physical and a moral life, and that forms the primary basis of individual character.

By the watchful exercise of this virtue, the purity of heart and mind becomes habitual and the character is built up in chastity, virtue and temperance.  

a.   What do you mean by self-control?

Answer: Self-control means the control over the passions and emotions of an individual.

b.   How can self be controlled?

Answer: Self can be controlled by taking the reins of one’s impulses and passions.

c.   What are the merits of self- control?

Answer: The merits of self-control are that it differentiates a human being from an animal and forms the basis of the individual’s character.

d.   How does self- control develop humanity?

Answer: Self- control develops humanity by ensuring purity of heart and mind and by building up the character with chastity, virtue and temperance.

e.   How does self- control strengthen moral life?

Answer: Self-control strengthens moral life by resisting instinctive impulses and building up the character.

f.        What is the purpose of the writer in writing the passage?

Answer: The purpose of the writer in writing the passage is to inform the readers of the importance of self-control.

g.      Why should a man be able to resist his instinctive impulse?

Answer: A man should be able to resist his instinctive impulse to achieve moral freedom and to be more than an animal.

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