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Short reading comprehension passages with questions and answers- 2


(Brief-answer Questions)

Reading – I

2. Read the following composition attentively and answer any five of the questions:

A craftwork is a dynamic object always evolving, and always abreast of changing tastes and preferences. It also represents a way of life and a cultural flavour. Therefore, changes in lifestyle and material conditions are expected to have their impact on craftworks and their production. But certain forms, shapes, styles and aesthetic preferences change little over time, suggesting that a craftwork can function as a stable signifier of community values and desires over time. Mechanical and mass production take away this feeling of assurance and stability and the sense of continuity that the handmade craftworks evoke. In the clash between expectation of pure, handmade craftworks and the market need of mechanically produced craftworks, two contesting views emerge; on one hand, traditionalists contend that the society needs to preserve the authenticity and naturalness of craftworks and their association with domesticity and environment and on the other, promoters of machine production argue that the machine has helped restore the appeal of the crafts due to their cheaper production costs.

a. True or False? A Craftwork is a symbol of likes and dislikes of a community.

Ans: True

b. Agree or Disagree? Machine has developed the quality of craftworks.

Ans: Disagree

c. Identify the structural name of the first sentence of the passage.

Ans: The first sentence of the passage is a simple sentence.

d. What part of speech is the word "Aesthetic"?

Ans: Adjective

e. Find out a synonym of the word "authenticity" and make a sentence with the synonymous word.

Ans: Originality: We do not have any doubt about the originality of this product.

f. Which two words name the people who are in conflict over "craftworks" preservation?

Ans: “Traditionalists” and “machine-promoters”

g. True or false? Craftworks have a kaleidoscopic aspect.

Ans: True

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