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Short reading comprehension passages with questions and answers- 17


(Brief-answer Questions)

Reading – I

6. Read the following composition attentively and answer any five of the questions:

Marsupials are a group of mammals that are born alive after a very short gestation period. Since a marsupial appears quite early in its life cycle, it must complete its development while nursing. In order to survive, the young underdeveloped marsupial, immediately after its birth, must crawl over its mother's body to a fold of skin known as a pouch. During further development, which can last weeks or months, depending on the species, a marsupial nurses and grows inside the pouch. Most marsupials do not form family groups. It is the female marsupial that cares for the offspring. The young marsupial may stay with the mother for more than a year, climbing in and out of the pouch to nurse or sleep.

Although marsupials once ranged throughout North and South America, as well as in Antarctica, only a few species now live outside of New Zealand and Australia where more than 250 species are still found. There is quite a diversity of marsupials within these species, and they have adapted to a number of different habitats; however, some characteristics are universal among them. The senses of hearing and smell are very important to marsupials because they are nocturnal creatures that depend on their ears and nose to locate their food at night. Some marsupials prefer plants, although others eat insects or meat. Like other mammals, marsupials are covered with hair. Unlike other mammals, however, marsupials have additional bones to support the pouch, which is their unique adaptation.

a.  Which mammals are born alive after a short growth in their mother's wombs?

Answer: Marsupials are born alive after a short growth in their mother's wombs.

b. What is called marsupium?

Answer: A fold skin where the nipple exists is called marsupium. It is better known as pouch.

c.  Where does the young underdeveloped marsupial grow and how long does it take for embryonic development?

Answer: The young underdeveloped marsupial grows inside the marsupium. It takes weeks or months for embryonic development

d. How does an offspring of a marsupial stay with its mother after birth?

Answer: An offspring of a marsupial stays with its mother after birth by climbing in and out of the pouch to nurse or sleep.

e.  Which regions of the world are the marsupials found in?

Answer: The marsupials are found in New Zealand and Australia.

f.  What is very important to marsupials and why?

Answer: The additional bones that project from pelvis are very important to marsupials because they strengthen the wall of the abdomen to reinforce the pouch.


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