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Short reading comprehension passages with questions and answers- 14


(Brief-answer Questions)

Reading – I

14. Read the following composition attentively and answer any five of the questions:

In our jam-packed lives, finding time to sustain friendships can seem harder than ever. How do you juggle friendship with job, a busy family life and commitments to church, school and community? In most people's lives there are periods when friendship slips down the priority scale.

Yet our need for friendship may be greater than ever, simply because our lives are so challenging and full. With a good friend you get to let down your hair. What makes friendship such a wonderful gift is that it blesses you just for being who you are. Acceptance is only one of the rewards. People with friends are generally healthier and happier, with fewer illnesses, less depression and anxiety, and longer life spans. 

      a.  It is easier to maintain friendship in the present time.

      Ans: False

      b. The friendship loses its priority in our lives because we are so busy with various kinds of works. 

      Ans: True

      c.  The need of friendship in our lives at present is greater than ever.

      Ans: True

      d. People with friends usually shine and prosper in life.

      Ans: Not Given

      e.  People with friends live longer than the people without friends.

      Ans: True

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