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Short reading comprehension passages with questions and answers part-1


(Brief-answer Questions)

Reading – I

1. Read the following composition attentively and answer any five of the questions:

A reason why people at school read books is to please their teacher. The teacher has said that this, that or the other is a good book, and that it is a sign of good taste to enjoy it. So a number of boys and girls, anxious to please their teacher get the book and read it. Two or three of them may genuinely like it, for its own sake, and be grateful to the teacher for putting it in their way. But many will not honestly like it or will persuade themselves that they like it. And that does a great deal of harm. The people who cannot like the book run the risk of two things happening to them; either they are put off the idea of the book or they get a guilty conscience about the whole thing, they feel that they do not like what they ought to like and that therefore there is something wrong with them. [NU 2014]

(a) Is the statement "a number of boys and girls like their teacher's prescribed books" true or false or irrelevant?

Ans: False

(b) Identify the structural name of the first sentence of the passage.

Ans: The first sentence of the passage is a complex sentence.

(c) What are the types of the verbs 'has said' and 'to enjoy' in the second sentence?

Ans: Both are transitive verbs having the objects ‘that’ and ‘it’ respectively.

(d) Find out a synonym of the word 'persuade' and make a sentence of your own with that synonymous word.

Ans: Convince – He tried to convince me that the story is true.

(e) 'The main reason of people's reading books at school is to please their teacher", Tell is it true or false?

Ans: True

(f) What part of speech is the word 'anxious' in the third sentence?

Ans: Adjective

(g) 'The people, who cannot like the book suggested by their teacher, run no risk". Is the statement true or false?

Ans: False

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