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'Nineteenth Century Novel' Previous Question- 2017 with Answer



Subject code: 241101

Nineteenth Century Novel

Time: 4 hours                                                                                                              Marks-80

Part – A

1.   Answer any ten questions:                                                                                     1´10 = 10

a) How many daughters did the Bennet family have?

     Ans : The Bennet family had five daughters.

b) What kind of a woman is Lady Catherine de Bourgh?

Ans :

c) What kind of novel is A Tale of Two Cities?

     Ans : “A Tale of Two Cities” is a historical novel.

d) What is the significance of Madame Defarge’s knitting in Dickens’ novel?

     Ans : The significance of Madame Defarge’s knitting is that she stitches into her needlework a list of names of all those condemned to die in the name of a new republic. It symbolizes the stealthy, cold-blooded vengefulness of the revolutionaries.

e) What happened in Paris on July 14, 1789?

     Ans : On July 14, 1789, the storming of the Bastille took place in Paris.

f) Why was Jane imprisoned in the red-room?

     Ans : Jane Eyre was imprisoned in the red-room for her fighting with John, and scratching and biting him.

g) What kind of lady was Mrs. Reed?

     Ans : Mrs. Rees was a selfish and hard-hearted lady.

h) What happened to the letter of Tess which was written before their marriage?

Ans :

i) Why did Tess murder Alec?

Ans :

j) What is the Chateau?

     Ans : The chateau is a large French country house or castle, often giving its name to wine made in its neighbourhood.

k) Why was Tess hanged to death?

     Ans : Tess was hanged as punishment for murder.

1) What is the name of Darcy’s estate?

     Ans: The name of Darcy's estate is Pemberley.


Part – B

Answer any five questions:                                                                                          4 ´ 5 = 20

2. Write what you know about Mr. Collins.

3. How did Darcy declare his love for Elizabeth?

4. Describe the attack on the Bastille.

5. Why did Dickens consider the year 1775 as ‘the best of times and the worst of times"?

6. How did Jane save Mr. Rochester’s life?

7. How does Mr. Brocklehurst treat Jane at Lowood School?

8. Write a short note on Tellson Bank.

9. Who is more responsible for Tess’s death?


Part – C

Answer any five questions:                                                                                        10 ´ 5 = 50

10. Sketch the character of Elizabeth Bennet.

11. Show how Jane Austen presents in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ the social and economic reality of his age.

12. ‘Evaluate Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities as a historical novel.

13. How does Dickens correlate love and war in his novel A Tale of Two Cities?

14. Justify Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre as an anti-romantic novel.

15. Write a note on the ups and downs of Jane Eyre’s life.

16. Comment on the factors responsible for the tragedy of Tess.

17. Write a note on Hardy’s treatment of nature in his Tess of the D’urbervilles.

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