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'Advance Reading and Writing' Previous Question-2016



Subject Code: 221105

(Advance Reading and Writing)

Time: 4 hours                                                                                                        Full marks: 80



Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:                                 1x5=5

When I was a small boy, my ankles were weak, and I was slow in learning to walk. As a result, I learned to read sooner than most children. My grandmother used to read a great deal to me school stories, all very virtuous, where the hero and his favourite teacher were incredibly brave, and the bad lad was terribly bad, and came to an edifying end in the last chapter but one. From these stories we came to Eric or little by little and St Winfred’s which were similar in moral tone, but much better written. As I grew older, and chose my own reading, I rushed to comic papers and penny-bloods. The youth of today can have no idea what a wonderful period that was for penny-bloods. It was the golden age of thrillers, and I read them all. I have got some still in my bookcase. Only a few; but I treasure them.

1. a. How many clauses are there in the first sentence and what is its grammatical name in terms of its structure?

b. Why did the speaker learn to read sooner?

c. When did the speaker rush to comic papers and penny-bloods and how did he enjoy then?

d. What is meant by the phrase-"the last chapter but one’?

e. Who were incredibly brave?

Writing- I

(Answer any five questions)

Marks -- 5×1= 5

Answer any five questions:

f. What is terminator in a paragraph?

g. What is coherence?

h. What is a narrative essay?

i. What is a formal letter?

j. What kind of announcement is a press release?

k. What is the purpose of a notice?

l. What should be the tone and language of a report?



Marks- 20

Reading- II                                                      

3×4= 12

Read the text answer any three of the following questions (2-6):

Men usually want to have their own way. They want to think and act as they like. No one, however, can have his own way all the time. .A man cannot live in society without considering the interests of others as well as his own interests, ‘Society’ means a group of people with the same laws and same way of life. People in society may make their own decisions, but these decisions ought not to be unjust or harmful to others. One man’s decision may so easily harm another person. For example, a motorist may be in a hurry to get to a friend’s house. He sets outs, driving at full speed like a computer in a motor race. There are other vehicles and also pedestrians on the road. Suddenly there is a crash. There are screams and confusion. One careless motorist has struck another car. The collision has injured two of the passengers and killed the third. Too many road accidents happen through the thoughtlessness of selfish drivers.

We have governments, the police and the law courts to prevent or to punish such criminal acts. But in addition, all men ought to observe certain rules of conducts. Everyman ought to behave with consideration for other men. He ought not to steal, cheat or destroy the property of others. There is no place for these sort of behaviour in a civilized society.

Men in a free society have certain privileges. The government and the police do not watch all their movements. Officials do not dictate to them everything they may or may not do. Men in a free society think as they please. They may even choose their own government. In return for these privileges they ought not to act selfishly. They ought-always to respect the rights of others. It is very important for men to remember this. Whenever they may live, whether in a town or in a village, in a large or a small community, they ought not to behave thoughtlessly. The happiness of a community depends on the behaviour of its individual members. It is every good citizen’s responsibility to give as well to receive.


2. What do you mean by ‘society’?

3. What kind of decisions might bring danger or suffering to others?

4. How are people in society protected from the criminal acts of others?

5. How should men behave towards other men?

6. What sort of actions should not be committed in a civilized society?


Writing- II

Marks 2×4= 8

Answer any two of the following questions (7-10) within a few sentences:

7. What would be the form, voice and style of a writing on the topic – ‘English Novels’?

8. Write a topic sentence for a paragraph on the topic –‘Child Labour’.

9. What tone and attitude would be applicable 1n a writing When its purpose is to entertain writers friends?

10. Write the definition of plagiarism



Marks- 50

Reading- III

Marks 2×10= 20

Read the following poem ‘Crabbed Age and Youth’ by Shakespeare and answer any two of the questions given below (11-14):

Crabbed Age and Youth
Cannot live together:
Youth is full of pleasance,
Age is full of care;
Youth like summer morn,
Age like winter weather;
Youth like summer brave,
Age like winter bare:

Youth is full of sports,
Age's breath is short,
Youth is nimble, Age is lame:
Youth is hot and bold,
Age is weak and cold,
Youth is wild, and Age is tame:-

Age, I do abhor thee;
Youth, I do adore thee;
O! my Love, my Love is young!
Age, I do defy thee-
O sweet shepherd, hie thee,
For methinks thou stay'st too long.


11. Write a short critical summary of the poem.

12. Explain the last stanza of the poem.

13. Discuss the generic form of the poem.

14. Write a note on the use of 1magery and symbols in the poem.


Writing- III

Marks 3×10= 30

Attempt any three of the following (15-19);

15. Amplify the idea contained in the following proverb:-

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining”.

16. Write an application to the Principal of your college to provide Multi Media Projector in your class-.room.

17. Write a paragraph on ‘Necessity of Learning English’.

18. Write a job application to the Managing Director of manufacturing company for the post of ‘Marketing Manager’.

19. Prepare a news report on the issue of sudden increase of Drug Abuses in your native town.