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'Adonais' by P B Shelley; Brief-answer Questions


by P B Shelley

1. What kind of poem is "Adonais"?

Ans: Adonais is a pastoral elegy.

2. What is an elegy?

Ans: An elegy is a sad poem to lament for someone who is dead.

3. What is a pastoral elegy?

Ans: A pastoral elegy is a poem in which the poet speaks in the guise of a shepherd in a peaceful rural landscape and expresses his grief on the death of another shepherd.

4. What is the subtitle of the poem "Adonais"?

Ans: The subtitle of the poem "Adonais" is “An Elegy on the Death of John Keats”. 

5. Who is Adonais in the poem "Adonais"?

Ans: John Keats is Adonais in the poem "Adonais". 

6. When did Keats die?

Ans: Keats died on 23 Feb 1821.

7. What, according to Shelley, was the cause of Keats' death?

Ans: According to Shelley, the cause of Keats' death was the anonymous reviewer of Keats’ poem “Endymion”. 

8. What was the real cause of Keats' death?

Ans: The real cause of Keats' death was his tuberculosis (TB). 

9. Who is Urania? [NU 2018]

Ans: Urania was one of the nine Muses. She was the goddesses of music, song and dance.

10. Who are the three sons of light?

Ans: The three sons of light are Homer, Dante and Milton.

11. Whom does Shelley call "suns" in "Adonais"?

Ans: In "Adonais", Shelley calls genius poets as “suns”. 

12. Who is the youngest son of Urania?

Ans: According to Shelley, Keats is the youngest son of Urania. 

13. Who is Echo?

Ans: Echo is a mountain nymph that lived on Mount Kithairon.

14. Who is Phoebus?

Ans: Phoebus is Apollo, the Greek god of the sun. 

15. Who was Cain?

Ans: Cain is the first-born son of Adam and Eve. He murdered his brother Abel. 

16. Whom does Shelley hold responsible for the death of Keats?

Ans: Shelley holds the critic and reviewer of Keats to be responsible for his death.

17. Who is compared to a viper in "Adonais"?

Ans: The reviewer of “Endymion“ is compared to a viper in "Adonais". 

18. What is Irene?

Ans: Irene refers to Ireland. 

19. Who was Actaeon?

Ans: Actaeon, son of Aristaeus and Autonoe in Boeotia, was a famous Theban hero.

20. How has death immortalized Keats?

Ans: Death has immortalized Keats by securing him from the attacks of envy, hatred, pain and unrest.  

21. Why is Keats called Vesper?

Ans: Keats is called Vesper or the evening star because he is the latest example of the great poets who died young. 

22. Why is Rome called a paradise?

Ans: Rome is called a paradise because of its immortal pieces of art and cozy climate.