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'Gettysburg Address' by Abraham Lincoln brief questions and answer

 Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln

1. When and where was Abraham Lincoln born?

Ans: Abraham Lincoln is born in 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

2. How did Lincoln die? 

Ans: On April 14, 1865 Lincoln attended the performance of a play at Ford’s Theatre in Washington where he was shot. He died in the next morning.

3. Define `democracy' according to Abraham Lincoln?

Ans: Abraham Lincoln defines democracy as a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” 

4. What type of writing is Gettysburg Address?

Ans: Gettysburg Address is a speech or an oratory put into written form.

5. In which state is Gettysburgh locted?

Ans: Gettysburgh is located in the state of Pennsylvania.

6. What does the phrase 'honoured dead' in "Gettysburg Address" refer to?

Ans: The phrase 'honoured dead' in "Gettysburg Address" refers to the persons who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their nation. 

7. What does Abraham Lincoln mean by "unfinished task"?

Ans: By the phrase 'unfinished task', Abraham Lincoln means the task of ensuring liberty and equality for all regardless of their colour or origin.

8. What is the main cause behind the American civil war? 

Ans: The main cause behind the American civil war is slavery. The Northern states of America were in favour of the abolition of slavery while the Southern states supported the system of slavery.

9. When did the battle of Gettysburg take place? [NU 2015]

Ans: The battle of Gettysburg took place from July 01 to July 03, 1863.

10. When did Abraham Lincoln deliver his famous speech?

Ans: Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous speech on 19 November1863.

11. Why is Gettysburg Address Famous for? 

Ans: Gettysburg Address is famous for re-defining the American nation. Moreover it guaranteed liberty and equality for all the citizens.

12. When did the Civil Rights Movement take place?

Ans: The Civil Rights movement took place in 1960.

13. What is epiphora?  [NU 2017]

Ans: Epiphora is a stylistic device in which a word or a phrase is repeated at the end of successive clauses.

14. What kind of government shall not perish? 

Ans: According to Abraham Lincoln, Democratic government – elected by people and working for the people – shall not perish.

15. When did America become free?

Ans: America became free on 4 July 1776.