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Previous Question of 'ELIZABETHAN AND JACOBEAN DRAMA'- 2014 (with answer)






Subject Code: 1172

(Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama)

Time: 4 Hours                                                                                                       Full Marks: 80


1. Answer any ten of the following questions                                                           1 × 10 = 10

a) Who sings the song ‘Under the green wood tree’ in ‘As You Like It’?

b) Who had ‘waxen wings’?

     Ans:  Icarus had waxen wings.

c) What type of comedy is ‘Volpone’?

     Ans: “Volpone” is a comedy of humours.

d) What is the moral of ‘Doctor Faustus"?

     Ans: The moral of Doctor Faustus is that a person’s downfall is caused by his/her act of crossing the limit that is forbidden.

e) What is prologue?

     Ans: A prologue is a speech, often in verse, addressed to the audience by one or more of the actors at the opening of a play to establish the context and to give background details and necessary information.

f) What gift does Voltore bring for Volpone?

     Ans: Voltore brings an antique plate of gold for Volpone.

g) How do the three witches address Macbeth?

     Ans: The three witches address Macbeth as Thane of Glamis (present title), Thane of Cawdor and ‘King hereafter’ of Scotland.

h) What was the parting request from the Duchess to Cariola?

     Ans: The parting request from the Duchess to Cariola is to take care of her children.

i)    Which period of English literature did Christopher Marlowe belong to?

     Ans:  Christopher Marlowe belonged to the Elizabethan period of English literature.

j) Why is ‘Carthage’ famous?

     Ans:  'Carthage' is famous for trade and power.

k) How does Rosalind show her first liking to Orlando?

l) What was the gift of Duncan to Lady Macbeth?

     Ans:  Duncan gifted Lady Macbeth a diamond and let his servants serve her.


Answer any five of the following questions:                                                               4 × 5 = 20

2. Signify the importance of the Forest of Arden.

3. Draw a picture of the three legacy hunters in “Volpone”.

4. Describe Macbeth’s state of mind after committing the murder of Duncan.

5. Describe the Wooing scene in “The Duchess of Malfi”.

6. "Sweet are the uses of adversity’ identify and explain.

7. Present a pen-picture of Volpone’s morning prayer.

8. Explain with reference of the context-

O’ What a world of profit and delight,

Of power, of honour, of omnipotence,

Is promised to the Studious artizan.

9. Write in note on ‘World Worth’ Weird Sister?


Answer any fivequestions :                                                                                        10 × 5 = 50

10. Evaluate ‘Macbeth’ as a tragedy of ambition.

11. Volpone is a Satire on the contemporary English society. Discuss.

12. Write a short composition on Shakespeare’s use of super-natural elements in “Macbeth”.

l3. How the character of the Duchess has been glorified through her sufferings?

14. Justify Doctor Faustus as an embodiment of the Renaissance.

15. Why is ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ called a decadent play?

16. Consider ‘Doctor Faustus as a morality play.

17. Evaluate ‘As You Like It’ of William Shakespeare is a Romantic Comedy.s”.