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Brief-answer questions from 'The Duchess of Malfi' by John Webster Part-3

The Duchess of Malfi 

by John Webster 

31. Why does the Duchess reveal the identity of her husband to Bosola? 

Ans: The Duchess reveals the identity of her husband to Bosola because she started believing Bosola as he praises Antonio. 

32. How does Ferdinand react at the news of the duchess' child birth? 

Ans: At the news of the duchess' child birth Ferdinand curses the Duchess describing her as a strumpet, and he shouts and grows crazy with anger. 

33. What is Ancona? [NU 2017] 

Ans: Ancona is a city and a seaport in the Marche region in central Italy. 

34. Why does Ferdinand offer gold to Bosola? 

Ans: Ferdinand offers gold to Bosola to carry out his orders and to do everything Ferdinand wants him to do. 

35. Why does Bosola refuse to take the gold coins offered by Ferdinand? 

Ans: Bosola refuses to take the gold coins offered by Ferdinand because of his unwillingness to carry out Ferdinand’s order of devilish deed. 

36. How many madmen does Ferdinand send to the Duchess? 

Ans: Ferdinand sends eight madmen to the Duchess. 

37. How do the madmen torture the Duchess? 

Ans: The madmen torture the Duchess by the sounds of their singing and dancing. 

38. How did the Duchess of Malfi die? 

Ans: The Duchess was killed tragically by strangling. Before death, she shows a final sign of life. 

39. What is the parting request from the Duchess to Cariola? 

Ans: The parting request from the Duchess to Cariola is to take care of her children. 

40. Where was the Duchess buried? 

Ans: The Duchess was buried close to the Cardinal’s abode. 

41. What is the double role of Julia? 

Ans: Julia is the wife of Castruccio and the mistress of Cardinal. She is a stereotypical fickle female character who constantly changes affections. 

42. How does Julia die? 

Ans: Julia dies by kissing the Bible which was poisoned by Cardinal. 

43. How does Cariola die? 

Ans: Cariola is overtaken by the fear of death at the time of execution. 

44. What kind of man is Bosola? 

Ans: Bosola is a greedy, lustful, proud and bloody man. 

45. Who stabbed Antonio? 

Ans: Bosola stabbed Antonio. 

46. Why does Bosola stab Antonio? 

Ans: Bosola stabs Antonio by mistake, taking him as the Cardinal whom he actually wants to kill. 

47. Define dark comedy. 

Ans: Dark comedy is a type of comedy that makes serious or taboo subjects light. 

48. What is revenge play? 

Ans: A revenge play is a dramatic genre in which the protagonist seeks revenge for an imagined or actual injury. 

49. What is decadent play? 

Ans: Decadent play a type of play that presents the perceived decay in standards, morals, dignity, religious faith, or skill at governing among the members of the elite. 

50. Who is Delio?

Ans: Delio is Antonio’s friend and the only one besides Cariola who is initially trusted with the secret of the Duchess’s marriage to Antonio. 

51. What message does Delio give the audience in his last words? [NU 2016] 

Ans: The message that Delio gives the audience in his last words is that Delio and the courtiers will raise the eldest son of Duchess as a legacy to his parents.